TGIF News Roundup & Open Thread for Oct. 28, 2011

Christie vs. Judges

  • Judge fighting Christie’s pension, health benefits asks N.J. Supreme Court to review case.

    Support for #Occupy

  • Poll: New Jerseyans taking part in the OWS in NYC or Occupy Philly have the support of the state’s voters by a margin of 46 to 29%.

    Medford Mayor: “I won’t resign” Keith Olbermann: “Worst Person”

  • Chris Myers doesn’t deny allegations made on an anonymous website that he paid for gay sex at while visiting California last year, but tells Courier Post he’s staying put.

    Uproar over (alleged) police brutality

  • New Brunswick residents call for Mayor James Cahill’s resignation.

    Profit above safety?

  • NJ Public Interest Group urges cash-strapped municipalities not to rely on red-light cameras except as last resort.

    Kidney Seller

  • The guy at the center of the weirdest part of the 2010 corruption sweep, Israeli citizen Levy Izhak Rosenbaum and how he sold black-market kidneys.

    Touch-screen Voting Machine Controversy

  • South Jersey voting machine incident, and the results of the new election it caused, catch the eye of Penny Venetis, co-director of the Constitutional Litigation Clinic at Rutgers-Newark Law School.

    Christie conditionally vetoes foreclosure scam bill

  • Takes issue with the part that distressed homeowners be paid at least 82% of the property’s fair market value.


  • The Politics of North and South: Hospitals.

  • NJ special panel OKs borrowing $1.3B for transportation projects.

  • Connected to Cory Booker, or Chris Cerf? That increased your chances of getting some of that whopping $100M gift to Newark from facebook’s Zuckerberg.


  • Summit’s solicitor says a series of emails between council members contained at least one violating NJ’s Sunshine Law.

    Menendez launches website & video

  • Features his kids Alicia and Rob, talking about their father.


  • Cerf assembles his team to rake over school funding.

  • The Failure of “Reform” – Standardized Tests.

  • “Scofflaw” – Christie jacks up the rhetoric against the Parsippany School Board.

    Funeral for New Jersey National Guardsman today

  • Hundreds of soldiers and police are expected to line the streets of Newark today for Staff Sgt. Jorge Oliveira, who was also was also an Essex County Sheriff’s Detective. He was killed in Afghanistan.

    Watches? Cigars?

  • Steve Sweeney spends down an old campaign account.

    Campaign 2011

  • Sen. Loretta Weinberg vs. Robert Lebovics: Senate race in LD-37.

  • Foes in 38th differ on jobs, property taxes.

  • 30th District foes focus on taxes.

  • GOP faces battle for Assembly in LD-5.

  • Candidates: Legislative District 9.
  • Comments (3)

    1. 12mileseastofTrenton

      Nice slush fund you got going there, Sweeney.

    2. brendanod

      Although Christie’s conditional veto seems reasonable, The NJ News Room didn’t report why the original supporters of the bill wrote it that way, nor did it report what they think about the veto or the impact of the proposed changes towards the initial goals of the bill.

      Shitty reporting and my constant suspicion of Christie doing anything that doesn’t benefit his friends, leaves me scratching my head on this one.


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