Occupy Trenton’s Day in Court (video)

Yesterday, we saw the results of a statewide poll that by overwhelming numbers New Jerseyans support the Jersey participants of Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Philly. Both OWS, the granddaddy of the now worldwide Occupy phenomenon and its Philadelphia counterpart have been going on for weeks. But so too has Occupy Trenton, with just a fraction of the participants of both those cities or of Occupy Albany in the capitol city of our neighboring state.

But the Trenton occupiers have also been maintaining a round-the-clock presence at the World War II Memorial across West State Street from the NJ State House. And their right to be there, to exercise their right of free speech there, is at the center of a court case (which we covered here and here) the ACLU has taken on their behalf.

We may hear Judge Mary Jacobson’s ruling as early as today. Meanwhile, here’s a 10-min. video I shot in the early evening light on the day Occupy Trenton went to court. I’m not our best videographer, but you’ll hear from all three lawyers, Bennet Zurofsky, David Perry Davis and ACLU-NJ legal director Ed Barocas, and some of the Trenton occupiers.

Like any free speech case, though the numbers are smaller at Occupy Trenton, the implications of the State’s effort to shut them down, are much, much larger. We’ll bring you the Judge’s decision soon as we hear.

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  1. SmartyJones

    a 1.42.

    Please send links to NYT and Inky.

  2. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    Was it my cruddy vid skills, or do you take issue with the Occupy Trenton folks, or the case?  

  3. lfurman

    Guaranteed by the Supreme Court for corporations. Challenged if the speaker is a human being.  

  4. lfurman

    because I’ve played by the rules but I find myself the mark in a game of 3-Card Monte.  

    The Invisible Hand is shooting itself in its Invisible Foot, and its Invisible Head!


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