NJ Nets & NBA: Dysfunction and Excess Among the 1%

Not a pretty picture: Millionaire players and mega millionaire owners duke it out over money while the rest of us who enjoy professional basketball are relegated to dark screens and closed arenas. What with the high ticket costs and concession prices, attending this sport, as with football and hockey, is becoming increasingly an event for the wealthy.  Exhibition games were supposed to have begun this month, but as of now the season has been cancelled through the end of november.

Wealthy players and owners are arguing over how to divide up the revenue and whether to lower salary caps.  In fact the sport has become more about money than the game, driving away fans of modest means, particular in low income cities like Newark where people love basketball but watch it on TV if they can afford their cable bills.

The solution is to reduce player salaries and owner profits so that tickets become more affordable. What a novel idea!  So great an idea that undoubtedly the 1% nationally will reduce their own exorbitant salaries and excessive profits.  A  nice thought for a snowy Saturday when electric power just went off.  

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  1. Bertin Lefkovic

    It is a racist sport that enriches a minute percentage of the African-American population while manufacturing dreams of wealth and fame that only serve to distract them from academic pursuits that have a much greater potential for positive results than their athletic pursuits.

    Hockey is an even more racist sport that requires so much in terms of equipment and infrastructure that it isn’t even something that most inner city children would even have the opportunity to play even if they wanted to.  The fact that the only interesting moment of a hockey game is when there is a fight is yet one more reason why American society would be well served if hockey was an exclusively Canadian sport.

    Football is a violent, warlike game that has no qualms about employing criminals, especially those whose crimes are so heinous as to include the brutal and systematic slaughter of innocent animals.

    I look forward to the day when all three sports as well as soccer, which is a far more socially redeeming sport than the other three, but is just unwatchably boring, all disappear from our planet once and for all and the most cinematic, historic, honorable and watchable sport of them all, baseball, is played and watched all year round.


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