News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2011

A Look Into the Future

  • Buono is Governor, Christie Vice-President. Atticus Finch is the lawyer for hundreds of teachers denied tenure based on standardized tests. If only they had listened to a certain snarky teacher-blogger …

    Alex & Sean Get Married in New York City

  • Marriage equality gets real. But you gotta go somewhere else.

    Media Matters

  • Where’s Our Local NJ News Now? And Where Five Years From Now?
  • Christie’s Media Flock vs. Occupy Wall Street.

    Occupy New Jersey

  • Occupy Wall Street offshoot to protest outside Goldman Sachs in Jersey City and State House.

    Why American Needs Chris Christie to run for president in 2012

  • By Joe Scarborough, for Politico. Isn’t it interesting that Christie denies being a union buster, but it’s almost the very first thing his supporters claim is great about him?

    Will Christie Throw a Temper Tantrum?

  • Washington’s problem now is that too many politicians think they have a lock on the truth. The town oozes belligerence and pettiness. Those are qualities Christie has in abundance. American politics now is a china shop. The last thing it needs is a bull like Christie. (Richard Cohen, Washington Post)

    Fund-Raiser Offers Clues on Governor’s Intentions

  • What Christie promised Meg Whitmanbut what if he just … lied?

    Christie Watch

  • Chris Christie doesn’t address presidential run rumors at judge’s swearing-in.
  • South Carolina Primary Date of Jan. 21 Adds Urgency for Christie.
  • Obama: Christie sounds like a candidate. (CNN)
  • Christie not doing prep work in early voting states while considering 2012 run.
  • Christie late presidential bid would create money, staff crunch.
  • If Christie were a woman … (Washington Post)
  • Yearning for Christie reflects rising GOP 2012 hopes.
  • The last time Republicans tried to draft Chris Christie for a big race. There are fresh signs that he’s going wobbly — just like he did at another pivotal moment in his career.
  • Christie’s employment numbers could play well with Tea Party. Why Christie’s crappy record on jobs will look good to the government-shrink-loving far-right.
  • Christie should finish the job he started. Charlie Stile, on Christie’s unfinished business.
  • Christie’s biggest hurdle in weighing 2012 run: His own doubts. (Washington Post)
  • Christie: He’s no Bill Clinton.
  • Nothing Final from Christie on a Presidential Run. (The Atlantic)


  • Trenton welcomes back 18 officers out of 105 laid-off.

  • Poll: Economic woes worrying New Jerseyans.

  • GOP legislators want Christie & all high-ranking state officials to take a pay cut.

  • Shared Camden County police proposal sent to Trenton.

  • Chris Christie and the highway spenders (Forbes)


  • The state Schools Development Authority (SDA) has yet to start any new construction in the 31 districts falling under the $8B program ordered by the Abbott v. Burke school equity case a decade ago.

  • We have to find a way to keep good teachers. Former teacher, now radio host Dom Giordano likes Michelle Rhee and merit pay.

  • PA & New Jersey get low grades on teaching about civil rights.

    Christie not the only one cozy with Koch

  • DCCC drills Runyan-Koch connection.
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