Meet the Candidate – Joe Camarota – LD16

Even before she became a candidate, Jeff Pickens and I were working with Marie Corfield to expose some of the lies perpetrated by the Christie Administration. Jeff and I were thrilled when Marie decided to do something and run for the legislature. But Marie can’t do it alone. She has a great team, and we need to send her running mates to Trenton, also.

Marie’s running mate on the Assembly side is South Brunswick businessman Joe Camarota. I met Joe early on in the campaign, and he’s a down-to-earth practical citizen who understands the concerns of both people and businesses. Here are some highlights from Monday night’s debate.

I will post highlights of Joe’s and Marie’s running mate, Maureen Vella, candidate for Senate, tomorrow.

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    Both north Jersey on line papers have a story about Marie Corefield:



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