Marie Corfield – LD16 Debate

Last night, political newcomer, Marie Corfield and her running mates Joe Camarota and Maureen Vella hit home runs in their debate with their Republican opponents. Unfortunately, the debate format did not allow candidates to ask questions of their opponents, but it was clear that the Democratic slate is willing to reach across the aisle and work to improve the situation for the poor and middle class in the state, while the GOP is tightly in the clutch of our governor. Here are some clips of Marie’s statements. I’ll be posting clips of Joe and Maureen in a few days.

Disclosure: Even though I don’t live in Marie’s district, I believe we need smart, independent people like her in Trenton and am proud to be working on her campaign

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  1. the pollster

    And excellent job, Marie!!  You are kicking butt and I can’t wait for Election Day and your victory!!


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