It Was a Dark and Stormy Bowling Match

Who is this guy Max Pizarro and who thinks his “writing” is fit to publish?

This stinker was dropped in my Google Alerts this afternoon. It is a PolitickerNJ account of a GOTV rally at a bowling alley in Manville, in support of 16th District Democrats, with an appearance by Newark Mayor Cory Booker, including the story of a friendly $1,000 bowling wager between Booker and SCDC Chairwoman Peg Schaffer.

The article clunks through a description of Booker's motivational remarks, peppered with journalistic slop like:

The Tony Robbins headset messages included team work and never giving up, and these were massage points (did he mean “message points”?) for a county organization long used to getting carried off the field on Election Day – on stretchers, not shoulders.

Then this:

Redistricting put a crack in the drawbridge of longtime GOP stronghold LD 16 – rerouting the Princetons and South Brunswick into the laps of veteran state Sen. Kip Bateman (R-16) and Assemblyman Pete Biondi (R-16) and giving Dems enough juice to play for an assembly win.

Note that he does not name a single Democratic LD-16 candidate by name, candidates that he described as “ginned up” in an October 12 PolitickerNJ piece.

Let me help you out, Max. Their names are:
Maureen Vella, candidate for NJ State Senate
Marie Corfield, candidate for NJ State Assembly
Joe Camarota, candidate for NJ State Assembly

(Disclosure: I am campaign treasurer for the Corfield Campaign)

Then, he went full Bulwer-Lyton with the account of the Booker/Schaffer bowling match, which I'm sure would have Hemingway rolling in his grave. Not exactly “Death in the Afternoon”, folks.

Then the money shot:

The mayor went first, powering in shot that left him with a single spare. On his second roll he pounded the lone sentinel down with ease.

“Lone sentinel”?

The story at least had a happy ending. They tied, and Peg got her $1,000 from the Mayor.

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