Fight to Save Retiree Benefits

The fight over healthcare is heating up again and two New Jersey

Congressmen are taking up the fight to protect retirees.

New Jersey has over one million estimated retirees covered by

company-sponsored healthcare, but recently some companies have decided

to leave their retirees in the lurch.

Companies have been diminishing healthcare to retirees and last year

several major corporations threatened to outright cancel healthcare

when they went before Congress.

South Jersey Rep. Robert Andrews and North Jersey Rep. Steve Rothman

are collaborating on H.R. 1322, the Earned Retiree Healthcare Benefits

Protection Act of 2011.

The bi-partisan legislation prevents employers from stripping

post-retirement benefits from retirees after many years of dedication

to the company.

Now, 13,000+ member-strong IBEW Local 827 – based in East Windsor,

N.J. – is endorsing the legislation and calling on Sen. Robert

Menendez to sponsor the bill.

“This legislation is needed to protect those who made corporations

profitable today and is needed to keep taxpayer costs out of the

healthcare system under the Patient Protection & Accordable Care

Act,” wrote William D. Huber, President and Business Manager of IBEW

Local 827 in a letter to Sen. Menendez.

The letter was co-signed by Edward Johnson, State Chairman and Hudson

Representative Retiree Committee for IBEW Local 827.

“We need to ensure that America’s retirees are not casualties of

the national healthcare struggle,” said New Jersey retiree Mike

McFadden, who worked at Verizon.

The bill is actively being pushed by, a D.C.-based

group that is pushing companies to honor their commitments to retired


“We merely want companies to live up to the financial commitments

they made,” said Paul Miller of ProtectSeniors.Org. “Give us the

health benefits we earned and paid for over decades of loyal service.”

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  1. YWANJ (Post author)

    As mentioned in the Media Release on Politickernj the Passaic County Central Labor Council has joined the call to pass H.R. 1322


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