Cryan to take over as Speaker?

Cryan was said to be courting the dem’s for the speaker’s position. Oliver has divided the party and needs to go.

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  1. 12mileseastofTrenton

    Although Cryan would certainly love the job, and I would love for him to get it, he seems to be pushing Vincent Prieto (D-32) of Hudson County as an alternative.  Apparently realizing he can’t get the speakership as long as the Essex and Camden machines are against him, he’s ready to join forces with Norcross to strike a blow at Adubato and Joe D, and get rid of Oliver.  But the Essex machine has threatened retaliation against Sweeney if that were to happen.

    Isn’t the byzantine world of New Jersey Democratic politics wonderful?

  2. defendcom (Post author)

    If he head’s to Norcross for the job that’ll end my interest in him.

  3. firstamend07

    Two weeks before an election this guy tries to start an insurrection?

    Well he will get what he deserves, NOTHING!

    Cryan is like a down electrical wire. Just sparking and floundering around. This guy has lost all credibility with this stunt.



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