Christie’s Media Flock vs. Occupy Wall Street

Our friend political cartoonist Rob Tornoe just started a new gig posting weekly cartoons at Media Matters, which keeps a watch on right-wing distortions in the press. Below is Rob’s take on a press corps panting after Chris Christie and his every flirty hint, while missing the growing resistance known as Occupy Wall Street.

Occupy Wall Street, which Blue Jersey wrote about on its first day, has become something its organizers may not even have envisioned – the beginning of a movement, diffuse and responsive to the economic unrest that compels its participants. A dangerous thing to the powers that be. And when the crackdowns come the most reliable sources may be alt media.

Look what happened, for example, when ostensibly the most trusted news source in America – the vaunted New York Times – changed their story about Saturday’s massive arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge. We might not even know any of this if not for the side-by-side comparison of two versions of the story provided by Village Voice, alt media in transition to mainstream media. What news we’re hearing about the spread of this protest to New Jersey is via activist-to-activist email and organization via social media – Occupy Wall Street becomes Occupy New Jersey in Trenton October 6th. And Tampa, Omaha, Nashville, Dallas, LA, San Francisco, Fort Lauderdale, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Christie might, and might not. And yes, it matters to us if he does, because we know more about him than that panting press corps does, or ever will. But I hope Blue Jersey’s on the left side of Rob Tornoe’s Media Matters cartoon too.

Rob Tornoe cartoon

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  1. Bill Orr

    The Occupy New Jersey Facebook page also promotes a demo in Jersey City on October 6. This movement may be is catching on here.

    It provides an alternative to the typical Tea Party and Republican concerns which have received so much attention, and offers support nationally and locally to key issues of jobs and economic inequities which are on the minds of so many Americans.

    This growing movement might also get the media to focus its attention on an urgent problem.  Thanks Rob Tornoe.  


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