Christie met with SuperPAC treasurer on same day he denied connection to group

On September 20, Chris Christie told New Jersey that “It’s a happy circumstance” that the Committee on Our Children’s Future, a newly formed 501(c)(4) political organization, bought $1.5 million in pricey TV ad time in New York and Philly to promote him.

I have nothing to do with the group. If they are out there helping me, I say thank you very much.

In a development that Blue Jersey is the first to publish, it has now come to light that on the same day that Christie denied any connection with the group, he met with the group’s treasurer.

In an earlier diary, I explored the people behind the Committee on Our Children’s Future. Despite the Governor’s protestations of no connection, the organization is being run by Christie’s college friends including treasurer Bob Teeven and secretary Lynn Grone. Christie frequents Delaware football games with Teeven, and had  made strange remarks about meeting with influential people affecting policy at Delaware football games just the week before on 101.5. The earlier post connected these dots to suggest that Christie likely was talking SuperPAC with Teeven at Delaware football games.

Sometimes, it becomes easier to connect the dots when the Governor hands you a magic marker.

In the wake of Christie’s decision not to run for President, the New York Times quoted…. Bob Teeven. Here’s what he had to say:

Bob Teeven, a friend from Mr. Christie’s student government days as an undergraduate at the University of Delaware, said the governor had not indicated he was leaning toward a White House bid when he saw him in Wilmington on Sept. 20, when Mr. Christie received the Freedom Award from former Gov. Pete du Pont.

Anything ring a bell about that September 20 date? It’s the same date when Christie claimed he had “nothing to do with” the Committee on Our Children’s Future.

So which one is it, Governor? Do you have nothing to do with the Committee on Our Children’s Future? Or is the fact that you were meeting with the Committee’s treasurer the same day that you denied any involvement a little more than just a “happy circumstance”?

It’s a question that could have legal implications, as this post regarding a similar situation with Rick Perry discusses – one of the barriers still remaining in campaign finance is coordination between a campaign subject to donation limits and SuperPACs not subject to those limits. But it raises even more basic questions as to the Governor’s credibility and whether we can take anything that he says at face value.

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  1. Bill Orr

    as with the popular slogan, does NOT stay in Delaware.  Excellent reporting!  

  2. Senator Loretta Weinberg

    Blue Jersey and good “connecting of the dots.”

  3. speedkillsu

    Obama’s – top advisors like Valerie Jarrett, Larry Summers, and Ron Klain – had direct involvement in the Solyndra mess.  relationship between Obama’s  wealthy donors are directly related to Solyndra.  Can you say crony venture capital taxpayer funded loan. Makes CC look like a saint  


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