News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, Sept. 8, 2011

Christie outs Oliver as his puppet in secret Koch Bros. meeting we weren’t supposed to know about

  • Hours after the pension-benefit vote, Christie made a secret trip to Vail, Colorado to address far-right bigwigs convened by the oil billionaire Koch brothers. His speech – we have audio – that day claimed Sheila Oliver depends on his good graces for her continued power position as Assembly Speaker. Why did Christie cover up this trip? What else don’t we know? (Audio of Christie)

  • Brad Friedman originally broke this story, in BradBlog & Mother Jones.

  • Oliver disputes Christie account of leadership deal.

    Christie and the oil billionaire Koch brothers

  • Gov. Christie quit RGGI pact after secret meetings with oil billionaires.


  • Irene cost Turnpike Authority $6.3M, including lost toll revenue.

  • Widening the GSP.

  • NJ redirects $1.25B in tunnel funds for other work.

  • Hawthorne goes solar.

  • What NJ biz leaders would ask for from Obama.

  • FEMA office to open in Hackensack today.

  • Food benefits available for those hard-hit by Irene.

    Interesting timing, given investigations into the facebook $100 million

  • Newark public schools to receive $3.6M disbursement of facebook donation.


    ** Blue Jersey 6-part Special Series: Ed Reform 101 **

    What do you need to know before the kids go back to school?

  • This week: Ed Reform 101 Extra Credit, noted guest writers explore education issues touched on in our 6-part series. Yesterday, Marie Corfield.

  • Posting later today: Leonie Haimson, a founder of Parents Across America.

  • Did you miss what education ‘reformers’ are up to? Catch up here.



  • Paterson to bring ‘innovation zones’ to 17 schools, including a charter.

  • As kids return to school, the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights kicks in.

  • How can Christie piss on this, this time?

  • Anti-bullying law designed to change reporting deficiency.

    Campaign 2011

  • LD-8:Judge rejects Carl Lewis for November ballot listing.

  • LD-11: Restauranteur Marilyn Schlossbach drops out of her race for Assembly, citing damage to her businesses from Hurricane Irene.

    Chris Christie and New Jersey exceptionalism

  • Visiting Vegas in summer is ‘stupid’.

    LoBiondo staffer headed to prison

  • Rep. Frank LoBiondo’s former campaign treasurer is sentenced to jail for  embezzling more than $450,000 in campaign funds.

    Assorted Christie

  • Meet the new Chair of the Republican Governors Assn..

  • Maryland Gov. O’Malley knocks Christie as he rises in GOP group.

    After First Amendment challenge, Livingston amends zoning code to allow cross on resident’s front lawn

  • 6 little words have been added to the township code.


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