If Christie says he isn’t ready to run or govern, why is he reconsidering?

In all of the ego stroking, “messiah worship” of the Republican Party and their right wing financiers when it comes to the courting of Governor Christie to run for President – for lack of confidence in all of the prior anointed messiahs of the Republican Party, I have given Christie credit for being honest and consistent in his denials and refusal to throw his hat in the ring for President.

If you haven’t seen this video yet – an excellent compilation of his reasoning and refusals to run, take a look.  For someone who puts his ego, his benefactors and partisan politics over everything else, it is refreshing to see him be honest and say things like the following:

  • I don’t feel like I am ready to run
  • I don’t believe in my heart and my mind that I am ready
  • It’s much too big a job
  • In my heart I know I am not ready
  • I want us to have the best possible candidate but it is not me
  • I just don’t want to do it.

All of this was over the past year or two, and there have been consistent denials, refusals and candid comments about Christie not wanting to run, not feeling it in his heart, not feeling it in his head, not being ready to run, not being ready to govern this country…..

So why is he reconsidering?

Could it be the promises of hundreds of millions in donations from right wing financiers like David Koch to push their radical agenda?  Could it be ego because flavors of the month Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann fell on their faces?  Could it be to please those who clearly haven’t been following his history of cronyism and favors for donations?  Could it be to continue a pattern of quid pro quo on a much larger and profitable level?

Clearly it isn’t because he feels he is ready to run or to govern.  Whatever the other reasons are, they certainly aren’t genuine, most likely have some sort of selfish or ulterior motive for the Republican Party, and should be aggressively questioned.

If he doesn’t want to run and doesn’t feel he is ready to run or govern, and yet he still runs – that is a tremendous disservice to this country.

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  1. FreeDem

    When the creme de la creme of the Republican party asks you to run, you don’t politely curtsy and say ‘no thank you’. The only reason he was placed on the board was to run. Who else with no experience and after just a few months in office was already being talked about as a potential POTUS? http://www.topix.com/forum/sta

    I’ll reserve my speculations for the outcome until after Christie announces. Meanwhile, Jersey will yet again be out another governor, and left with… Kim Guadagno??? What a f’nmess.

  2. 12mileseastofTrenton

    It’s too risky.  I have trouble seeing him winning any of the early states.  He’ll probably end up hurting Romney and throwing the nomination to Perry.  He’ll be accused of running out his responsibilities in New Jersey, whether he resigns or not.  And if he doesn’t win, he will have wounded himself for re-election.

    The only reason I can see for him to run is that doesn’t want to take the chance that there will be a Republican in the white house come the 2016 election.  Still, it’s a big gamble because he’d have to win the nomination and the election.  Betting on Obama winning would make him the prohibitive favorite for the nomination in 2016, as long as he gets re-elected in 2013.

  3. defendcom

    Why should being prepared to govern matter? He has already shown that only millionaires matter and will follow in Bush’s footsteps. (base appeal)

  4. speedkillsu

    Christie is just mind screwing Obama ……and it seems to be working .Christie will wait  


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