Happy 6th Birthday, Blue Jersey

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Blue Jersey is six years old today.

On September 28, 2005, the very first diary appeared on a new website called Blue Jersey. It was an introduction to the site by soapblox (User #1), the creator of a new on line platform designed to encourage and make it easy as possible  for progressive state blogging.

But Blue Jersey wasn’t really real until later that same night (early Sept. 29, actually) with this post about Rush Holt & Frank Pallone joining a protest of Condoleeza Rice at Princeton, by Juan Melli, User #2.

Juan is the founder of Blue Jersey. Its blogfather. At that time, a Princeton mechanical engineering PhD candidate as interested in politics as he was in the locomotion of arrticulated bodies in a perfect fluid (don’t ask). Juan went on to be named Politician of the Year by politickernj’s predecessor, which then hired him. He’s now spokesman for Hoboken.

All of us at Blue Jersey owe a lot to Juan, and to all the writers who combined forces over the last six years to get this place up and running, and keep it vital. Thank you, to all Blue Jersey’s writers, and you bloggers emeritus. The smartest and best group of people I know. And thank you to everybody in the Blue Jersey community – you readers, commenters, and even you lurkers.

We’ve been watching one Christopher J. Christie for years now. And the Republicans, and their Tea Party brethren. And we see you Democrats, too. You know we do.

If you’re new around here, here’s how this place works – Welcome, New Blue Jerseyans. Stick around.


Blue Jersey User #5, Rosi Efthim

for all of the Blue Jersey writers

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  1. Bill Orr

    Thanks for reminding us of this birthday! It is no small feat to keep a blog going, to grow it, to develop a community, and to make it have wide influence.  For you newer folks, Rosi provides the inspiration and perspiration that makes it all possible.  

  2. Jason Springer
  3. Stephen Yellin

    I am so very proud to have seen Blue Jersey grow by leaps and bounds in the last 6 years. This is a wonderful site and a great community for New Jersey progressives. Here’s to 6 – no, 60 – more!  

  4. Hopeful

    Real life has been interfering with my blogging lately, but have truly enjoyed engaging with the writers and the readers of this site.

  5. KendalJames

    Major, serious, enormous kudos to Rosi, whose stewardship of Juan’s creation has contributed immeasurably to the progressive community in NJ and beyond. Where would we be without RE?

  6. Jersey Jazzman

    Rosi is the center of what we do here. Many, many thanks to her for her stewardship of the site.

    I am proud:

    – To be a Democrat.

    – To be a teacher.

    – To be a union member.

    – To write for Blue Jersey!

  7. the pollster

    I’ve been around for a long time, too.  And I need to join the Rosi chorus.  She will demure about her role, but her tireless work and progressive voice are the main reasons this blog is so successful.

    Love ya, Rosi!!


  8. Jeff Gardner

    Mmmm… birthday cake. 🙂

  9. Jay Lassiter

    i wonder if anyone else remembers their first diary?

  10. Alex

    I’m far too recent to Blue Jersey to have been present for its birth six years ago. But having joined because of the fight for marriage equality, I’ve stayed for the news, opinion, occasional humor and, yes, even some of the more outrageous comments. Thank you, Rosi and team, for making this the go-to site for people interested in what is going on in this state.

  11. johnleesandiego

    ~ But Celebrating Right Along With You  

  12. DottieG

    It’s amazing how time flies when you’re having fun.  (Or at my age, even when you’re not.)

    Rosi, you and the other regular bloggers have done and are continuing to do great things for NJ progressives and indeed for the whole state.  No doubt about it!

    I wish I could contribute more but time, money, and health problems get in the way.  But I am still a faithful reader and appreciate what you do more than words can say!

    Keep on keepin’ on!

  13. SmartyJones

    Blue Jersey!  

    From member #963.

    I’ve gone to other state blogs, and some are good. Of course I’m not biased, but I think BJ is topically the most exciting and intellectually/politically most rigorous blog I’ve been to.  (OK, there’s Speedy, but what would we be without our trolls, and those who respond?)

    I join the chorus.  Thanks to you, Rosi, and everyone else who worked so hard to get this blog started and thanks to everyone who has kept it going.

  14. William Weber (WjcW)

    Can’t we get him back here once in a while?


  15. deciminyan

    I’m late to the party, and I didn’t know Juan when he was associated with BJ, but I have to recognize Rosi as the tireless backbone of this blog. As someone who has the desire and passion to write about politics, but no formal training other than a political science course at Rutgers over 40 years ago, two women have helped me hone whatever skills I have. First and foremost is my journalist wife, but close behind is Rosi who has encouraged me and taught me much about how NJ politics and the media interact. Thank you also to the other BJ writers who have helped me develop ideas. Keep up the good work.

  16. Ed Potosnak

    Thank you all for breaking news and your backs to uncover the truth, provide solutions, and keep NJ Strong/Blue)!

    Here’s to Many Many more :-))

  17. Matthew Jordan

    And many more!

    Met some great people and great friends because of this site.  


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