FREE Rides from NJ to Philly’s Shale Gas Outrage Rally/Protest/Demonstration on Wednesday!

Who wants to go to this tomorrow? – promoted by Rosi

Join the Fracking Ban Caravan and say NO TO FRACKING IN NJ AND ACROSS THE COUNTRY!

In less than one month, the Delaware River Basin Commission could be voting on plans to allow fracking in thousands of acres of land in NJ, NY and PA that are under their control. In addition to destroying open space and polluting the air, this move would put the Delaware River, the drinking water source for over 15 million people, at risk of serious contamination.

Many people from across the region will be convening in Philly on September 7 to rally against fracking. If you are coming from New Jersey, we hope you can join us for this carpool to the demonstration. We will have signs, window paints and stickers you can use to personalize your own anti-fracking message on your car so you can tell the world why you support a ban on fracking!

We will be led by the “Frackmobile” that is already stenciled and ready to go to the Shale Gas Outrage Rally/Protest at noon in Philly. We are meeting at 9:00AM sharp to decorate our cars for the trip. We’ll meet at the A&P supermarket parking lot in North Brunswick and drive down together. The more, the merrier….let us know if you can make it, ASAP! (

A&P parking lot

510 Milltown Rd, off of Route 1

North Brunswick, NJ

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  1. carolh

    arguments against fracking will be not so much that they may contaminate groundwater – an argument they keep trying to dismiss by saying that the fracking happens too deep but THIS:  In a place and time where many hundreds of thousands of people use the Delaware river for drinking water and recreation – the water on the earth’s surface –  the pristine beautiful and precious life-giving potable stuff flowing between our river banks, is what they literally STEAL from the public to poison before it ever goes into the ground.  

    Let them argue for wrecking water that was pure and perfect and that they STOLE to use for their own nefarious purpose.  The water belongs to all of us and they are STEALING it. This argument is what was used to protect the Hudson all those years ago.  

    Nobody is talking enough about how much precious water they TAKE and where they take it from and how they get it where it is used.  A theft that is not only horrific in itself, but disruptive to every living breathing thing along our waterways.

    Make them EXPLAIN that in their fancy commercials. They can’t.

    To paraphrase our favorite folk singer. “This water is MY water this water is YOUR water” – I hear an anthem coming over me…..


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