Early Weekend Haiku

Get an early jump on the weekend with haiku. So much to write about – Will he, or won’t he?, Christie soaking up Reagan-glow in Cali, Carl Lewis runs outta chances, Occupy Wall Street, Ron Paul visits NJ, Mitch Daniels visits Christie, the Jersey Shore tax credit, the widening gap of rich & poor. Need topic ideas? There’s always Blue Jersey’s 6th birthday.

You know the rules. 5 syllables, then 7, then 5 again. Write your haiku based on the suggestion of the last poet, then you set the topic for whoever follows you. Extra credit for links.

Big Boy Pants

Breathless reporters

Is he too fat? Too fat? But

We’re big pants people.

Next topic: Jersey Shore tax credit

Early Weekend Haiku

Have we eked out the last, the very last of our weekend versifying?

We’ve got a governor swanning around, making kissy-face with far-right bigwigs, and he doesn’t think he has to tell you a thing about it. And he really wants to tell you that. Sheila Oliver? She says Christie’s ‘mentally deranged’. But what’s her deal? Or did she even make one? Jersey taxpayers are on the hook for $420K for Jersey Shore – woo hoo! Carl Lewis is running, running. Christie’s visiting schools – make sure your little drug mules look nice that day. The 9/11 10th anniversary is behind us, but not the memory.

It’s haiku time.

You remember the rules. Five syllables the first line, 7 the next, then 5 again. Take the suggestion of the person before you, set the topic for the next one. Nothing has to rhyme. Feel free to make a point with your haiku. Feel free to give somebody hell. Extra credit for linking to a Blue Jersey post or news article somewhere else. I’ll start off:

Bite me, New Jersey. Love, Chris Christie (in 2 parts)

I go where I want

I do what I wanna, so

Mind your own beeswax

Helicopters, planes

Who rides with the governor?

Redact that, right now.

Early weekend haiku!

It was not such a quiet week in New Jersey, our home state. Irene blew through. Paterson, Wayne, and many other places had serious flooding. And as Labor Day approached, the war over the future of unions in the Garden State raged.

A perfect week for a haiku.You know the rules: 5, 7, 5 again. Take the topic suggestion left you, then set the topic for the next one. I’ll start:

Tea Party response to Irene

It’s your fault, not mine

Should have bought a second home

Pay your own damn bills

Next topic: There are no jobs – Happy Labor Day!

Comments (4)

  1. Jersey Shore John

    The situation:

    We finally found one guy

    Who won’t do Snookie.

    Next topic: How Often Is Guadagno Our Governor?

  2. KendalJames

    Each time David Koch

    And his friends dangle dollars

    She will take the seat.

    Next Topic: BJ’s 6th Birthday

  3. Jersey Jazzman

    What happened to that guy? He was great!


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