Christie: “You’re not entitled to know everything I do” (Video)

He’s told columnists to “get a life” when they dare to ask him about political trips he fails to disclose on his public schedule. He’s gone for yuk-yuks when reporters (actually the same journalist, Star-Ledger’s Tom Moran) ask him about his confrontational attitude, derisively laughing at “thin-skinned” reporters. He likes to make fun of people, both the press and his constituents who dare to disagree with him in public.

Statehouse reporters are pretty tough characters. They don’t need me defending them. But I wanted to post this brief video, captured by Star-Ledger’s Nyier Abdou, because I can’t stop looking at the Governor’s angry face, and uppity attitude that anybody would dare to think that his political maneuvers are the public’s business. Massive deflecting. Here’s Christie’s “You’re not entitled to know everything I do” speech to reporters last night:

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  1. huntsu

    Here he is as a US Attorney refusing to answer questions about his special treatment getting tickets for a Springsteen concert.

  2. DSWright

    Did the Koch brothers or related interests at the retreat ever contribute money to Christie?

  3. jimlaregina

    What do you expect from a waterboy like Christie, who only got to be United States Attorney for New Jersey, which catapulted him to Trenton, because he raised money for George W. Bush – as opposed to getting the job because of his credentials.  

  4. The Wizard

    a pin striped suit? Who does he think he is, Babe Ruth?

  5. Nick Lento

    ..the more people get to see, hear and smell him the less respect he will garner.  The man suffers from a terminal case of asshole syndrome.

    Forget about this jerk running for president, hell if the Republicans were stupid enough to do it….it would make my day!  🙂

    All NJ Democrats have to do to to win is to stand up to his lying sack of shit and call him out on all of his crap and nonsense.   He’s the epitome of a bully…….many of us here on BJ have been saying this for YEARS….finally the rest of the state is catching on as he can’t resist the temptation to be himself.

    The ONLY way Christie continues to be a “rising star” is if good and decent people allow their bully boy to get away with his hyper aggressive mucho macho bs  con job.  

    By the way, the video link doesn’t work….has it been taken down or is it just a bad link?    


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