Christie to Moran: “Get a Life”

Chris Christie just told Tom Moran, editorial page editor at the Star-Ledger, to “get a life.”

The pretext? Moran was seeking proof for Christie’s claim to the Koch Brothers’ June confab that Sheila Oliver called to ask him for his support to remain Speaker during the pension/benefits fight – a claim that has electrified Trenton in general and this site in particular over the past week. Christie stands by the leaked text of his remarks; Oliver called Christie “mentally deranged” and denied it.

Moran has an idea on how to prove who is right – asking for the release of the Governor’s phone records.

Now, I don’t know exactly how this even works – are there phone records that show incoming and outcoming calls? If so, presumably they would be subject to the state’s Open Public Records Act. If not, Christie could just say that.

Instead, he told Moran to “get a life.”

What is he hiding? And will the Ledger follow up with a formal public records request?

The whole event is perhaps ironic in the context which it occurred – a press conference on Christie’s educational “policies.” Moran has been on board with Christie’s radical and unsupported by evidence education proposals – and in fact wrote an editorial this morning lamenting that the Oliver incident could put those reforms in jeopardy.

Moran’s positions leading Jersey Jazzman to challenge Moran today to take a hard look at the evidence. Here’s another instance in which Moran is trying to do exactly that – and getting rebuffed by Christie.

Wonder what would happen if Moran took up Jersey Jazzman’s suggestion?

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  1. 12mileseastofTrenton

    All that would prove is whether they talked by phone.  Not the substance of the conversation.  Even if they didn’t talk by phone, that doesn’t mean Christie is lying about whether discussion took place.  It could have taken place in person, or through a third party.

    People are losing focus of the main issues which is that Oliver should be removed as speaker, and Christie’s policy comments to the Kochfest.

  2. Jersey Jazzman

    All I ask is that Moran tell us why he thinks the “reform” agenda will work. Especially since there is a slew of evidence that it won’t.


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