Christie Founded a He-Man Woman Haters Club Chapter in High School

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he-man, chris christie‘Who gives a f#$k what ‘X’ equals anyway?’, the young Christie yelled at his algebra teacher.

Chet Helmsley, 72, a retired UPS driver from Morristown, used the New Jersey Open Public Records Act to obtain the Livingston High School records of the young Chris Christie, who graduated about 1980.

What did Helmsly find out?

“His grades were OK, I guess. And he was a baseball player. And with his brother, he founded a chapter of the He-Man Woman Haters Club,” noted Helmsley.

“I discovered that in the ninth and tenth grades he and his brother were founding members of the ‘He-Man women Haters Club’, modeled after the club of the same name from the Little Rascals episodes.”

The He-Man Woman Haters Club was a featured club in two episodes of The Little Rascals, Hearts Are Thumps and Mail and Female, both 1937.

Long before he became governor, Christie held the highest office at Livingston High. He was active in student politics as class president, a rah-rah guy who once even dressed up as the Lancer mascot for a football game, according to his former teammate Phil Trigliani.

“Back then, he could fit snugly into that costume,” shared Trigliani.But this the same guy who told the press to “take a bat” to Senator Loretta Weinberg and Speaker Sheila Oliver “mentally deranged”.

Retired Livingston High School Social Studies teacher Branchly Hayward (1972 – 1990), remembers Chris Christie well: “He ran the meetings with an iron hand, would berate the reporter from the school newspaper, Lancer Legends.

Even made his algebra teacher run from the room crying once. ‘Who gives a f#$k what ‘X’ equals anyway?’ he yelled.  I volunteered to be the advisor of the He-Man Woman Haters Club, -every club needed a teacher advisor and the chess club disbanded. I did make an extra $300 per year,” recalled Hayward.

Calls to the Governor’s Office were unreturned, but spokesman Michael Drewniak issued a press release:

“The governor was involved in many activities in high school such as student government, baseball, and many others. He was a proven leader in many of them, and does not remember all he was involved in.”

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  1. Nowlan

    Spanky never cursed out Darla or Miss Crabtree, and he was cute until the MGM years.

    Thanks for the post–after a sweltering week in my overcrowded classroom, I can at least be grateful that my students are nothing like Boy Christie.

    But what of a school which allows (and funds) a hate group?  The late 70’s weren’t the stone age for pete’s (or Petey’s) sake!  And what of the kids who elected him class prez?  Or, Lord help us, those who would want him as US prez.

  2. Jersey Jazzman

    Great post. But can I brag a bit and say I beat you to the punch?



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