Blue Jersey Focus: Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo (Part 2)

Just in case Jersey Jazzman’s excellent series on Education Reform is not enough for you, dear reader, Blue Jersey is launching another series called Blue Jersey Focus. To help you stay informed on Garden State issues, we will be featuring government officials, political figures, and other movers and shakers, in exclusive video interviews.

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It is fitting that as we move into the holiday weekend to recognize the contributions that organized labor has made to America’s prosperity, our first guest is labor leader Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo of the 14th Legislative District.

In yesterday’s segment, the assemblyman discussed politics, the tension between the governor and legislature, collective bargaining, and the governor’s response to Hurricane Irene.

Today’s segment is devoted to education – including charter schools, tenure, and testing. My thanks to Jersey Jazzman for his assistance in providing information and questions for this segment.

Tomorrow’s segment is about jobs and the state’s energy policy, and how they are inexorably interrelated. Assemblyman DeAngelo also discusses the state’s transportation policy.

Finally, on Saturday, we hear about the assemblyman’s views on the transition from NJN to NJTV, marriage equality, his opinion on a full-time legislature, and his priorities for the General Assembly after the November elections.

Watch for future installments of Blue Jersey Focus where we talk to other decision makers and prominent personalities that impact our lives.

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  1. Jersey Jazzman

    It’s clear he hasn’t much thought a lot about the charter issue. That’s fine – I don’t expect every legislator to be up on everything.

    But he hits it out of the park with test scores, teacher evaluation, and tenure. Bravo, Assemblyman DeAngelo!


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