A Prequel to the 2014 NJ Gubernatorial Elections -Hamilton Township (Mercer)

Hamilton Township (Mercer) Connie Carella-Dalton Takes on Chris Christie’s pal, John Bencivengo, Head-to-Head

A prequel to the 2012 Elections take place on September 20th from 11:30 AM to 1:30PM. On this day, we have an opportunity to hear Connie Carella-Dalton explain to Hamilton Township residents what is her vision for Hamilton Township.

Along side Connie will be the incimbent Republican Mayor, John Bencivengo, who will desperately try to justify his nearly 40% tax hike from 2008, his union busting tactics and his justification for reduced services AKA HamStat.

Afterwards, each candidate will take questions from the audience.

Sponsered by the Mercer County Regional Chamber of Commerce, this event will be held at the Stone Terrace in Hamilton.


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