The Only Time You Fail is When You Fail To Try….

….my favorite quote from all the comments posted to my question to the progressive Blue Jersey audience: “Should we try again?” on marriage equality.  I believe we have 21 votes in the Senate, but I’m not sharing names at this point for some good strategic reasons. Am talking to Steve Goldstein and to Ray Lesniak along with all of you. We hope to make a decision by the Fall on whether we move ahead now; wait for lame duck; or wait for the new January session. Will continue the discussion.

Have been busy with family. So my Trenton musings have been put on hold for some good and happy summer vacation reasons, which didn’t include a helicopter ride to anyone’s beach house. But I’m also finishing up work on the updating of the Open Public Meetings and the Open Public Records Act. Trying to make it a little easier to protect the public’s right to know what their elected officials are doing and talking about.

I also know the Health Committee will meet soon to discuss among other things: the purchase of Hoboken University Hospital (and the $10 million which somehow survived all those Christie budget cuts); Meadowlands Hospital and what’s happening there since being taken over by a for-profit business group; family medicine department at UMDNJ and if they will continue to train much needed family physicians. We’ll also need update information on the administration’s plans for health exchanges as we prepare for the implementation of health care reform.

Of course right after Labor Day the campaign season will be in full force with the entire Legislature up for election. I will continue working toward keeping a Democratic majority in both houses, as well as keeping my own seat.  I’m happy, along with my two running mates, to have the endorsement of the entire AFL-CIO umbrella. When this election is over, I hope we can find ways to get the labor movement and the Democratic Party  back to some semblance of unity.  Time will tell.

Keep your voices heard!

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