Tea Party and MoveOn.Org: Perfect Together?

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Leonard Lance at Tea Party event Aug. 10, 2011

Last night, I attended a town meeting hosted by the Morris County Tea Party, featuring Congressman Leonard Lance. Yup, I was in the room with Tea Party People–and I survived.  You should try it yourself –it was a lot of fun.

Not only was I there, but nearly half the room was filled with MoveOn.org folks.  Strangely enough, but for widely different reasons, these folks agreed on one thing: they were both upset with Congressman Lance’s yes vote on the debt ceiling deal. One side thought it went way too far; the other side thought it went not far enough.

After a moment of silence for the 31 Navy SEALs who lost their lives last weekend, Lance began his presentation with a PowerPoint display explaining the debt ceiling deal:  How the agreement was to appoint a super committee of 12 members of Congress, six Democrats, six Republicans, six senators and six congressmen. This super committee would be charged with making suggestions of over $1 trillion in cuts by January of 2012.    If, however, this super committee cannot come to an agreement on cuts, then there would be a series of draconian cuts to everything including military spending.  This seems to be the sword of Damocles hanging over the heads of the conservative Republicans to at least try to be reasonable, and come to a good decision about cuts.

After Lance’s presentation, questions came from the standing room only crowd of almost 250. I must say that I was very impressed that the congressman took an equal number of questions from both tea party members and MoveOn.org members–I did not expect that to happen –considering that this was a Morris County Tea Party sponsored event.


I was taken aback by one thing that Congressman Lance said in attempting to describe both groups present in the room—in the most cordial way possible. Lance  went on to say that “we are all Americans”, and  “we should be able to disagree respectfully”. He described the tea party people as those who were “primarily concerned with being fiscally responsible and advocating conservative government spending.” And then went on to say that the other side, MoveOn.org members, were Americans, too.  And that they bring something important to the table, also. And then he went back to questions.

That really irked me. So, when I got a chance to ask my question–I made sure that the people in the room knew that those of us on the left have always been concerned about government spending and holding Congress to be fiscally responsible. And that this was not the sole domain of the tea party people. That’s spending almost $2 trillion on two wars, giving tax breaks to corporations that send jobs overseas, and having hundreds of corporations pay no taxes whatsoever is being fiscally irresponsible, period.

Lance will be facing two races in 2012: David Larsen, a conservative businessman from Hunterdon County, is most assuredly running against Lance in a Republican primary.

And then Lance will face either his opponent from 2010, Ed Potosnak or former Edison Mayor Jun Choi.

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  1. Couch Potato Politics

    I sometimes want to think that the perception of those on the “Right” who think that we on the “Left” aren’t fiscal conservatives is just a simple matter of misinterpretation but the more I listen to “Leaders” on the right, the more I know it is purposeful and malicious misinformation.

    Historically, the “progressives” have spent to generate jobs, education and development. All avenues to fiscal conservancy and responsibility and on the “conservative” side, spending has been more important to corporate wealth giving tax breaks to reward jobs cuts, deregulation allowing more and more environmental damage, defunding education while spending more on war, subsidies for increased petroleum exploration and research… and on and on.

    Given all that, who are the real fiscal conservatives? The ones who spend to make American life better or the ones who spend to make corporate accounts larger?

    I would love to hear this debated in a public forum with a few of these Tea Party “Darllings”.

    Common sense and  

  2. Thurman Hart

    is a stupid and losing meme for liberals. I advocate using “fiscally responsible.”

  3. ken bank

    Was “Colonel” Manly Rash at the event? He’s the Tea Party cartoon character who dresses up as an 18th century Colonel in the Continental Army leading tea party protesters at various events. Last year he was stalking Len Lance because of his aye vote on and cap and trade. One time he showed up at Lance’s office in full regalia and confronted him over cap and trade as well as several other issues.

    His real name is Gene Hoyas, and he’s been blogging on various sites over the last two years.


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