Not That I Supported Him Before …

But after this Brian Stack can pretty much assume he would never have my support for, well, anything.

“NJEA has shown their true colors and it’s evident that this group is not about the education of our children, just as their mission is not about standing up for public school teachers,” wrote Stack. “Instead, it’s the objective of this evil empire of do-nothings to create a hierarchy of union leaders who get paid to take politicians to lunch and dinner.”

This isn’t as bad as Godwin, but still invoking the Soviet Union (which murdered hundreds of thousands of its own citizens and subjugated a large portion of the earth) to describe the teacher’s union solely because they did not endorse his candidacy is pretty far out of bounds, even for a Republican like Stack.

Except that Stack ain’t a Republican.  He’s a Democrat using Reagan’s words to attack a union.  In the same tone as Chris Christie attacks the teacher’s union.

In short, in a manner that Democrats should not be talking about unions.  Unless, of course, they aren’t really Democrats.  

Comments (11)

  1. DSWright

    Is there a better example?

  2. Chubby

    …..He doesn’t have to worry about a damn thing.

    Cause there is no alternative.




    He’s part of the Hudson County Machine.

  3. KendalJames

    What critical Democratic values sit at the core of Stack’s value system and decision-making process?

  4. 12mileseastofTrenton

    Because they won’t support him?

    But if they endorsed him, they wouldn’t be so evil, I guess.


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