News Roundup & Open Thread for Wednesday, Aug. 3, 2011

Blue Jersey named a Best State Blog by Washington Post

  • Our thanks to Chris Cillizza at Washington Post’s The Fix for compiling the list. But bigger thanks to the Blue Jersey community who engage here every day, and to Blue Jersey’s writers.

    Lou Magazzu Anthony Weiners himself

  • Democrat announces his resignation as Cumberland County freeholder after nude pictures he sent a woman he knows end up on a GOP website.

    Lautenberg & Menendez among just 6 Senate Dems who voted against debt deal

  • R E S P E C T.

    3 activist lessons from the debt ceiling fight

  • Instructive, from Chris Bowers at Daily Kos.

    Leonard Lance Blasted for Support of Budget Hostage Deal

  • Bill Wolfe reports on one of MoveOn’s national initiatives targeting GOP House members.

    NJ Gov Chris Christie should heed voters on gay marriage

  • So says Star-Ledger’s Editorial Board and I say Hell, yes.

    Gabrielle Giffords, Gov. Chris Christie help restore empathy to politics

  • Really, Star-Ledger? Because I would say Absolutely to one and Which Chris Christie YOU looking at? to the other. Just saying.


  • Camden County to form regional police department.

  • Ready, Vet, Go – a program to help needy South Jersey veterans.

  • NJ auto insurance rates on the rise again.

  • Some seniors to get help with summer electric bills.


  • Bergen County Democrats ordered to pay down debt.


  • Changing the rules for teacher evaluation.

  • More on Steve Sweeney’s website on ed funding.

    Additional Assorted Christie

  • Capitalizing on Christie’s asthma. (Politico)

  • That fracking bill is still on Gov. Christie’s desk.

  • Tom Moran says Obama needs ‘a dose of Christie’.

  • Christie’s influence widely felt. (Bob Ingle)

    LD-8: What is happening in Lewis land?

  • Unimpressed with candidate, GOP nonetheless worried Hillman will rule after Sept. 18th deadline.

    Newark appoints first female to head city police department

  • First time in its 175-year history. She is Sheilah Coley, a military and police veteran who once oversaw patrols in the city’s notoriously bloody South Ward. She’ll be named acting police chief today.

  • More Newark: Mayor Cory Booker pushes budget plan to city council.

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    1. bluescat1

       nothing on the internet is private, WTF is wrong with these guys? Are they so drunk with power that they think they are teflon coated. I am just a retired telephone man and I know better then that. of course I did help build the internet.LOL

    2. carolh

      They voted their conscience.

    3. carolh

      let us see the the Bergen County Democratic Committee books when we asked him before he got indicted….

    4. carolh

      but PolitickerNJ must’ve thrown a tantrum that Bluejersey made the list yesterday and they didn’t. PolitickerNJ is now crowing about being on the list, which they magically appeared on TODAY.  Now how did THAT happen?

    5. 12mileseastofTrenton

      You get the feeling that if they kidnapped his dog, he would pay them money to return it. And say thank you.


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