News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2011

*** Starting Today – A Blue Jersey Special Series: Ed Reform 101 ***

  • All over New Jersey, the kids are going back to school. What’s changed? What’s going to change? And what do you need to know? Posts 9:15am

    Mr. President, It should be Krugman K-R-U-G-M-A-N…

  • Obama to tap Princeton’s Alan Krueger to fill key economic post (Roundup title hat/tip to … well, you know who you are)


  • We Teach: Lenape Regional High School District creates a 6-part reality series to show what teaching & learning looks like in its 4 high schools.

  • Did Monmouth Push Poll?

  • Public Education’s Dangerous Silence: When educators are silent, the governor’s barbs and soundbites are all the more convincing. (Gordon MacInnes)

    Christie on Sunday gives one set of strongly-worded instructions to New Jerseyans not to go to work unless you have to

  • But gave the opposite strongly-worded instructions to state workers. Did that make sense? CWA’s Hetty Rosenstein says no.

  • Christie has kind words for Pres. Obama’s hurricane conduct. But to state workers who got stuck on roads not ready for cars after he ordered them to work Monday, he says: Stop bellyaching.


  • When Republicans suddenly need government. (Kornacki, Salon)

  • Priorities.

  • NJ has the lowest number of public workers in 8 years, analysis shows.


  • Chargesthat media overhyped Hurricane Irene is just wind. (Star-Ledger editorial)

  • Chris Christie and the Eye-Roll of Disdain. (in part about Blue Jersey) (Jane Roh)

    Frank Lautenberg

  • Charles Measley’s 15 minutes of fame and what he had to do to get it. (Julie Roginsky)

  • Lautenberg visits some of the worst flooding areas in Passaic County post-Irene.

  • FEMA has under $1 billion in reserve, says Sen. Lautenberg, and as vice chair of the Senate subcommittee overseeing homeland security, he will ask for that reserve to be increased to between $5 billion and $9 billion.

  • Related: Frank Pallone asks Pres. Obama to visit NJ post-Irene.

    Assorted Christie. Driblet of Guadagno

  • “Blonde woman in solid-colored suits who stands behind the governor at news conferences, a shade to the left or right – depending on where the X taped on the ground marks her spot.”.

  • Christie’s campaign promise, forgotten. (George Amick)

  • The Crisis Test.

  • A ‘new normal’ for avoiding political storms. (CNN)

    Military response to Hurricane Irene forged from hard lessons learned

  • 6 years after Katrina.


  • Legal filing makes case for Carl Lewis’ candidacy.

    Who is that in the state legislature?

  • Indifference obstructs political communication. (We’ll assume if you frequent Blue Jersey, you’re not among New Jerseyans who don’t know who their legislators are or how to reach them).

  • NJ women politicians mark their progress in Legislature.

    My own good is my own damn business

  • Paul Mulshine goes surfing.
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