News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2011

  • Christie is seeking a Major Disaster Declaration from the federal government following last weekend’s storms.

    Gird your loins!

  • Chris Christie is a “blue-collar Republican”. (Crooks & Liars)

    Red Pencils and Stern Looks

  • Sen. Loretta Weinberg’s midterm grades for Chris Christie.

    Report: Top Democrat eyed Christie recall

  • That news is now national. (Politico)

    September 11

  • Jersey Girls who emerged after 9/11 stay activists.

  • The ritual draping of politics on September 11: To Gov. Christie’s insults and pushiness, New York Times says: Right. That’s what this solemn ritual is all about: making sure that New Jersey gets its due.

    LD-8 Ex-Assemblyman Pat Delany’s wife sent a racist email to Carl Lewis

  • Now there’s no mystery in Delany’s resignation.

    Lautenberg & Menendez

  • Politics in Wonderland:Who actually believes 21-year-old Charles Measley made a “mistake”?

  • Gadhafi’s downfall revives bitter dispute over Lockerbie bomber. (CNN)

  • Lautenberg wants Gadhafi tried for role in Pan Am Flight 103 bombing. (The Hill)

  • Stop and remember September 11 – at 1 p.m. on the anniversary.

    Make it in America

  • Spotlighting a company that brought outsourced manufacturing jobs back to America, Rep. Frank Pallone tours the Siemens Hearing Instruments plant, meet with execs & hosts an employee forum.


  • Multiple calls now for investigating Elizabeth school lunch discounts.


  • Publicly-Funded Tax-Free Financing – The REAL American Dream.

  • Lesniak says casino industry should subsidize racing.

  • $14M for statewide infrastructure.

  • U.S. Transportation Secy moves to protect $450M in Northeast Corridor upgrades.

  • Phillipsburg UEZ unsure of its fate but still doling out cash.


  • Toy Guns, Real Guns.

  • Cory Booker hosts city’s first toy gun exchange.


  • The bill – sponsored in the Senate by Loretta Weinberg & Jennifer Beck – removing state laws with arcane, sexist language, has been signed by the Guv.

  • New law allows public money to be invested in credit unions.

  • Compliance with NJ young drivers law in spotlight after 4 die in crash of SUV driven by teen. (AP)

    Additional Assorted Christie

  • Rutgers Eagleton poll: Opinions of Gov. Christie worsen since he took office.

  • 10 reasons Chris Christie could win the presidency. (Paul Mulshine)

  • Christie firm on leaving RGGI.

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    1. SmartyJones

      It was Delany’s wife who sent the e-mail to Carl Lewis.


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