News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, Aug. 8, 2011

Christie’s helicopter flights still kicking up a storm

  • Courier Post columnist Jeremy Rosen walks us through his process of finding out about additional flights Gov. Christie’s office did not disclose, and their reaction, plus a discussion of the 3 taxpayer-funded residences Christie has access to.

  • Deep Thought: Christie’s Transparency.

    Additional Assorted Christie

  • Chris Christie calls fears over Muslim judge “crap”. (Salon)

  • Peeking behind the anti-Sharia movement and finding the crazy. (Philadelphia Daily News editorial)

  • National Review, no surprise, looks at “Christie’s crazies” and sees “sane”.

    Cumberland County freeholder’s resignation shows power of local bloggers

  • More on Carl Johnson’s Maguzzo Watch.

    “Monster” fare hikes

  • Pols pooh-pooh ‘absurd’ Port Authority scheme demanding $15 tolls at Hudson River crossings. (NY Daily News)

  • Why Port Authority Wants $1 Billion in Toll and Fare Hikes.


  • Solar industry still hopes to stand out.

  • Where things stand in negotiations with CWA, whose contract expired June 30. (AP)

  • Subsidizing of airlines at Atlantic City International is questioned after AirTran announces departure.

    Newark is ready for its close-up

  • City creates an office of film & TV.

    Medical Jerseynomics

  • Filling budget shortfalls: Nursing, care centers prepare for $37.5M funding state budget cuts.

  • NJ health benefits committee working slowly.

  • Vet-2-Vet: Legislation for a permanent peer counseling program to help veterans with psychological or emotional distress is now waiting for Christie’s signature.

  • President/CEO of the NJ Council Of Teaching Hospitals wants us to offer tax incentives to doctors to stay here

    AFL-CIO & NJEA drops Christie enablers

  • Politickernj with a mostly doom-and-gloom perspective on AFL-CIO’s vote.

  • In case you missed it: NJEA to Christiecrats: B’Bye!

    Sweeney still looks for the union label

  • Al Doblin renders his opinion to unions engaging in endorsement – or not.


  • NJ Spotlight one-on-one with George Norcross.

  • Sweeney creates website to counter Christie’s school aid claims.


  • Newark School has been flagged before for possible cheating on standardized tests.
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    1. 12mileseastofTrenton

      “There are different philosophies there between the building trades and the public employees,” Mullen said.  “Our agenda is to put people to work, it’s to grow the economy and make it attractive for business to come here to grow here.  I don’t think the public workers share that.”

      And to keep minorities out.  Or at least that’s how it used to be.

      I thought the job of a union was to represent its members and labor in general, not “to make it attactive to make business to come here and grow here.”

    2. Bill Orr

      There was a demonstration yesterday in Hudson County against the increases. With a friday afternoon announcement from the PA, there still is almost no response from affected politicians regarding these exorbitant increases – Sen. Lautenberg the key exception. As my diary points out, Governor Christie shares blame for these proposed increases and must insist on a substantial reduction.  


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