Liberal Media? Tom Moran Encourages Union Busting (Boycott the Ledger)

In a rather revealing interview for Ledger Live Tom Moran, Editorial Page Editor for the Star-Ledger, let it fly that he supports For-Profit Education Lobbyist Governor Christie’s effort to bust the teachers unions.

Starting at 2:30

Moran: The next big fight coming up is over education reform and there the boogeyman again is the teachers union which is his favorite punching bag…

They are going to resist reforming tenure and things like that – I kind of hope he does go after them.

Ironically in the same interview Moran says he is upset on how Christie has attacked the “working poor” and that he has “protected the rich.” I would say he has a clear case of schizophrenia but as I understand it one must have a brain in order to have that condition.  

Tom Moran is a great example of who actually makes up the Corporate Media. It’s not “liberals” as conservatives continually cry, it’s unthinking trend followers who plan on working in the private sector after they retire/are bought out doing pretty much the same job – get press release, rewrite press release, publish story aka rewritten press release – rinse, repeat.

Moran even contradicts himself, claiming Christie tries to make the teachers unions “the boogeyman”… but he also is right to go after them?

In other words “I know Christie is demagoguing this issue and creating a fake and dishonest narrative but, yeah, I hope he succeeds.”

It goes without saying that the Ledger has been in free fall since the buyouts removed most of the old talented hands from the newsroom and replaced them with very very green reporters. But this did not stop the Ledger from initially take a tough line on Christie. That is until Christie froze them out – he wouldn’t even call on now stenographer then reporter Ginger Gibson at press conferences. Now the Ledger gives Christie extremely favorable coverage (one could even say obnoxiously favorable coverage).

But for those teachers and those who care about teachers and public education who buy the Star Ledger, let’s be clear on what Moran is really saying:

1. Screw You

2. Screw Your Union

3. Screw the People You Elected to Represent You in That Union

But don’t worry after Christie busts your union and privatizes public education, which the Ledger encourages Christie to do, and you become destitute and in need of government assistance we at the Star Ledger will write editorials that fewer and fewer people will read about how awful it is to be in your position with our de facto editor Christie at the helm. Fair and balanced.

See? The Star Ledger needed to trade its journalistic integrity to get greater access to Christie so they can vigorously report on the effects of the media not scrutinizing him.

Save a dollar every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Don’t buy the Star Ledger (read Blue Jersey for free).

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  1. kfraney

    I stopped buying the Ledger years ago when they started this anti-teacher crusade.

  2. Matthew Jordan

    He said he thinks there should be tenure reform.  

    How is that Tom Moran trying to bust the NJEA?  

  3. Jay Lassiter

    I think you might be a little bit off with this one.  Cuz’ I’m not buying it.

  4. epluribus

    Moran is one of many editorialists in the media which put out disinformation to further the conservative agenda while exhibiting a frightening lack of knowledge and grasp of the facts. The attack on tenure in NJ is part of the nationwide attack on Unions so corporations can attack the remaining rights  of workers. Doing away with tenure will simply allow administrators to fire teachers making a decent wage with new teachers at rock bottom wages. . And the Teachers Union is not some entity, it is the teachers.

    NJEA has less than 200 full time workers that do not teach.

  5. wotgorilla

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock in NJ for the past 18 months, you have seen how our Gov. “goes after” teachers and other public workers in this state.  By saying, “I kind of hope he goes after them”, he knows what this entails, and how Christie will go about doing it.  It’s a pretty bold and telling statement.  

    I quote Ernie Merriman from Broadcast news about Tom’s quote, “Who cares what you think?”.  New era of journalism, I suppose.  

    The better debate to have about this is WHY he would want to have Christie, considering his past, to go after the teacher’s union.  Does Moran gain something? (other than more press for his ridiculous rants).  


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