LD-8 Carl Lewis: Running – with Running Shoes

This week, LG/Secretary of State Kim Guadagno kicked Carl Lewis off the ballot again (getting serious criticism for her partisan overreaching). Lewis’ lawyer wants to depose Guadagno for a look at how she made her decision to remove him from the ballot. His position is that Guadagno ignored key pieces of evidence of his NJ residency. Perhaps as importantly, her decision also came after Christie tried to talk Lewis out of running at all, though Christie denies that conversation ever took place. It’s pretty clear this isn’t over.

Carl Lewis running
Carl Lewis is running. Next to him, Bill Brown of Veterans for Education

And Carl Lewis is running.

The 9-time Olympic gold medalist is a track legend, who topped the world in the long jump and in sprint. But if campaigns are marathons, he’s right now out there running. Really running.

And if you want to run with him, you can. He’ll be doing weekly runs with voters. Tomorrow, you can find him across from the Westhampton Rescue Squad, setting off from 195 Woodlane Road. Kids are invited; the candidate will be walking in addition to running, but bring comfortable shoes. Look for updates on his website.

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