From Inside The AFL CIO Endorsement Conference ALL Christiecrats lose AFL CIO backing

This is a pretty big development – thanks to Couch Potato Politics for the inside view. – the_promised_land

UPDATE 10:30pm from Rosi: We reached CWA NJ Area Director Hetty Rosenstein a few minutes ago, for a quote for Blue Jersey, and this is what she had to say:

Public workers and their many allies in the private sector stood together today to endorse those who stood with us this year and to deny endorsement to those who attacked collective bargaining. The majority of Democrats in NJ believe in and defend collective bargaining. They deserve a labor endorsement.  A minority do not.  That group should not get a labor endorsement.

ALL NJ State Assembly members who backed Sweeney’s attack on public workers will NOT be endorsed by NJ State AFL-CIO.

Waiting on the senate votes of endorsement now.

Senate President Stephen Sweeeny FAILS to get AFL CIO endorsement.

Jeff Van Drew does not get AFL CIO endorsement

Jim Whelan does not get AFL CIO Endorsement

Teresa Ruiz does not get AFL CIO Endorsement

James Beach does not get AFL CIO Endorsement

Fred Maddon does not get AFL CIO Endorsement

Donald Norcross does not get AFL CIO Endorsement (His brother couldn’t buy this vote for him).

The Christecrats have discovered that votes against labor have consequences!

Half the delegates stormed out of the conference, shouting in disapproval.

Delegates from Building and Trades walked out and are still yelling and arguing about the results outside the conference meeting as of 5:27PM.

Looks like the delegates that walked out won’t be takling part in anymore of the voting.

Special thnks to Erin Fagan from CWA 1038 for providing blow-by-blow, live updates

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  1. firstamend07

    If Norcross and Sweeney and Whelan and Van Drew do not get the endorsement of the State AFL-CIO the organization will be no more.

    The Building Trades will walk out .

    You can also expect some review of the favorable laws that were passed about 30 years ago which force government workers to pay into a union.

    I say put it up for a fair, open vote of government  workers and let them decide who , if anyone will represent them.  

  2. Couch Potato Politics (Post author)

    The AFL CIO has rewarded the Christiecrats with a big NO ENDORSEMENT for abandoning public workers and supporting Republican Governor Christie on pensions and benefits reform that resulted in the theft of public workers bargaining rights on healthcare.

  3. Thurman Hart

    I actually know of no one who bases their vote on an endorsement, no matter who the endorsee is. When the voting happens, people will be faced with voting for a Democrat or a Republican, and I’m not sure Sweeney or Norcross will worry about their vote tally. It may actually help Madden, since his district is a bit more conservative.  

  4. firstamend07

    Ok. Now what?

    If you do not back the Democrats and you do not primary the Democrats and you do not back the Republicans ,who do you go to for support?

    Christie does not support govt. unions. The GOP does not support govt. unions, and now the govt. unions have cut all ties to the Democratic Party .

    Sweeney does not need them.

    Van Drew does not need them .

    Ruiz, Beach,and  Madden do not need them .

    Whelan can use help but should he lost Polistina will not support govt. unions.

    The STUPID  Govt. worker union leadership won a battle that will lose them the war.

    Another GREAT MOVE  by a bunch of idiots.  

  5. HurtPillow

    Then someone else will…  Like in Illinois, when the local unions didn’t support their dems, then the opposition swooped in with $$ and helped them see things in a different way.  That’s the bad news.

    What SHOULD happen is that every single one of those christiecrats should have another dem running against them.  Yes, on purpose they waited until after the primary to do this bullsh!t move for that very purpose, but seriously, if the democrats want to survive at all this round, they need to put up alternate candidates.  

  6. Jersey Jazzman

    CPP, outstanding reporting.

    Many thanks.

  7. firstamend07

    Sweeney will win.

    Norcross will win.

    Madden will win.

    Van Drew will win.

    Oliver will win.

    …Do I have to go on?

    So now when the Idiot Govt. union leadership goes to lobby in Trenton next year, who do they lobby?

    They have no power. They have no influence.

    This was a chance to make peace and the govt. worker union leadership declared war.

    Bad move…..

  8. HurtPillow… This was discussed here and this is a warning. We need brighter minds in on this.

    Do not forget or underestimate.

  9. Couch Potato Politics (Post author)

    but rather a victory that had to be achieved from necessity to send the message that organized labor does not suffer “fair-weathred” friends.

  10. firstamend07

    Sweeney had overwhelming support from the unions. A small group of tea party like govt. unions forced their will on the majority.

    Here are the facts:

    From Angela Della Santi:

    Sweeney and Norcross, both from South Jersey, were recommended by the union’s executive council and supported by about 60 percent of the delegates – shy of the 67 percent needed for endorsement.

    The lack of labor support shouldn’t affect the outcome of the race in safe Democratic districts like Sweeney’s and Norcross’s. While the candidates won’t have access to donor lists and other campaign aid that the AFL-CIO provides, local unions could fill the void.

    The raucous endorsement conference exposed a division within the AFL-CIO, a federation of labor organizations that includes painters, electricians, teachers, state workers and more.

    The private-sector unions voted to endorse Sweeney, Norcross and Republican Assemblyman John Amodeo, a member of the operating engineers union who voted yes on pension and health benefits reforms. But the public-sector unions voted against the endorsements.

    “We have our tea baggers in labor and they spoke very clearly,” Norcross said.

    The vote on Sweeney’s endorsement was 586 in favor, 374 against. The tally on Norcross was similar.

  11. Hetty Rosenstein

    First – and most importantly – those who stood up for collective bargaining received a meaningful endorsement from the AFL-CIO.

    Those who did not, were denied the endorsement.  That means they receive no money, no labor walks, no mail, nothing of value from either the parent body or the affiliated bodies.  They can receive endorsement and supports from locals if those locals want to give it.

    FA7 doesn’t have the numbers right – and neither did della sante.  There were over 1100 delegates registers.  You needed 2/3s.  Sweeney got over 600 votes – but was still far from the 2/3s mark.  Norcross got far less than that.  And other candidates who lost endorsement got less than a majority.

    It is not true that the private sector split with us – the Teamsters, the Steelworkers, the Bakers, the Transportation workerss, Hotel workers, UNITE, and some of the UFCW – ALL VOTED with us.  In fact, with little exception – it was the Trades that were isolated.

    It is very sad that we had to do this, and sadder still that some people think that you can vote to destroy the collective bargaining rights of over 500,000 people and still deserve a labor endorsement.  

  12. 12mileseastofTrenton

    Not one dime.


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