Bill to Decriminalize small amounts of Marijuana garners 18 co-sponsors.

22,439 people were arrested in New Jersey for possessing less than 50 grams* of cannabis in 2009.

FreedomIsGreen.Com, a local blog devoted to advancing more enlightened cannabis policy in New Jersey is reporting an an intriguing new bill on the Assembly docket that would decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana in the Garden State.

The bill, which already has 18 co-sponsors (5 from the GOP) was introduced by Assemblymen Reed Gusciora (D-Mercer) and Michael Patrick Carroll (R-Morris), the same bi-partisan duo that introduced the state’s nascent medical marijuana law.

Says NJ cannabis activist Victor Pinho:

“We are excited to begin this conversation in the Legislature and will continue to lay the foundation for this groundbreaking effort to cut costs and end the failed practice of criminalizing otherwise productive members of society for possessing a substance that is less dangerous than alcohol.”

This is just the type of issue the state’s democrats would be wise to run with. Not only would such a change represent a big step forward policy-wise, this issue also polls well and gives lots of Republicans heartburn.

Governor Christie loves to brandish his delusional tough-on-crime song-and-dance. So how will he react to such a forward-thinking step proposed by many members of his own party?

*a quarter cup of sugar weights about 50 gramsmarijuana-leaf

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  1. huntsu

    Wanna solve our debt problem?  Allow the states to decriminalize and tax marijuana.

    Oh, and allow them to charge sales taxes on Internet sales.

  2. Jay Lassiter (Post author)


    When one considers the thousands of dollars spend for state police laboratory analysis for the prosecution of one joint and the hours of of court time, decriminalization just makes sense.


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