B4K Ad Fail

B4K ad:

People who actually know stuff about schools:

Still, most agreed that the small numbers of tenure charges filed with the state are really only a fraction of the cases of low-performing teachers for whom the formal filing is a last resort, a vast majority of them eased out of the classroom as the complaints mount.

‘You don’t see these statistics, but I would say that hundreds of teachers who receive the first tenure charges resign,” said Eugene Liss, general counsel to the Newark Teachers Union. “Maybe the case didn’t go all the way to Trenton, but many who sit with us, they end up leaving the profession.”

Newark has a system in which teachers receiving unsatisfactory ratings are required to undergo additional training through Seton Hall University. Last year, it was 90 teachers, all but 12 of whom returned to the classroom, he said. Those 12 all resigned, none by tenure charges. [emphasis mine]

Add to this the fact that 40% of new teachers never earn tenure after the standard three years, and you can see that this ad is a steaming load of dung.

Oh, and it’s 113k teachers. But I have to admit: 12.5% is a better margin of error than using test scores to evaluate teachers (which has a 35% error rate).

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  1. William Weber (WjcW)

    making the argument that tenure protection doesn’t really matter then?

    It’s always been my thought that management can make it significantly uncomfortable for teachers that they leave on their own accord in such cases.

    If you agree with that, then what is tenure reform going to change, really?

    Finally, 40% of teachers not earning tenure after the standard 3 years is really irrelevant. Does that mean 40% of teachers never recieve tenure? Probably not. The point of tenure reformers is that those that do recieve tenure protection may become comfortable with their positions and lose motivation.

  2. HurtPillow

    then does everything it can to disenfranchise them.  First, the issue is not that teachers get tenure, it is the supervisors and administrators who rubber-stamp it for their less than stellar cronies.  Removing tenure for the rest of the staff brings the foxes to the hen house and the rate of nepotism will rise to untold levels.  Creating a climate of uncertainty in schools with constantly shifting staffs have detrimental effects on students as evidenced by the abject failure of charters who practice this.  What B4K is doing is partnering with the GOP and corporate $ to destroy the working class / democrat support system.  http://seattleducation2010.wor… is a good read.  But we already know this.  How do we get the word out to the rest of the population?  


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