All Generalizations are False

The title of this piece is contradictory. After all, it in and of itself, is a generalization.

But I’ll still go out on a limb and make a generalization – In any of New Jersey’s 40 legislative districts it is better to elect a Democrat than to elect a Republican in the upcoming election.

Sure, many Democrats have been disappointing. And the Nordubato wing of the Democratic party in New Jersey is the epitome of machine politics over progressive Democratic traditions epitomized by candidates like Marie Corfield and Vin Gopal.

The facts of life are that a Progressive third party, while nice in theory, would never gain traction as a viable alternative to the DINOs, especially in New Jersey. The only way to promote a progressive agenda is to elect Democrats and work to lessen the influence of the machine and move the party back to its roots.

The alternative is terrifying. Imagine an Assembly Budget Committee chaired by Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon, who would give tax breaks to corporations while gutting social programs. Imagine how far a Marriage Equality vote would go in a Senate headed by President Tom Kean, Jr.

A Republican majority in either chamber of the legislature would be a the greatest gift that Chris Christie could receive.

Sitting out the election is not an option. A vote for a third-party candidate or a decision not to vote is no different than a vote for a Republican and an affirmation of Chris Christie’s draconian agenda.

In a representative form of government, we elect our legislators based on their philosophy and their neshuma. It is impractical to expect that the people we support vote the way we would 100% of the time. That’s why I will proactively support my Democratic Assemblyman, who voted against collective bargaining, while privately letting him know why I think that one vote was harmful and foolish. If he’s replaced by a Republican in the upcoming election, that would be a net loss for me, my district, and the people of New Jersey.

So dear Blue Jersey readers, if you disagree with my generalization, I invite you to cite an example where the election of a specific Republican over a Democrat would promote our ideals. And that will prove and disprove my generalization.

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  1. HurtPillow

    except for Wisconsin, Florida, Tennessee, Ohio and about 10 other states engulfed in a red tide now.  

  2. Dennis Hyer

    This is just pure Democratic apologia. You’re basically saying you will always give the Dems your vote no matter what they do, no matter how much they act against your interests, just so long as TEH EVUL RETHUGLICANTS are around to scare you back into the fold.

    You want us to imagine how a marriage equality vote would go in a Senate headed by Tom Kean, Jr? We don’t have to imagine. Just look at how an actual marriage equality vote went in a Senate headed by a Democrat in 2010.

    Are you worried about potential Republican assaults on collective bargaining and public employees? Well shucks! All you have to do is elect a Democrat and odds are he’ll either go along with said assault (like Sweeney), or take the lead on such an assault (like NY governor Andrew Cuomo).

    And while you’re busy worrying about the Republicans gaining power and giving tax breaks to corporations while gutting social programs, the Democrats are way ahead of you, and have been all too eager to give tax breaks to corporations and gut social programs — as President Hopey Changey has demonstrated in a.) extending the Bush tax cuts, b.) calling for a payroll tax holiday and c.) demanding “adjustments” to Social Security and Medicare.

  3. Jersey Jazzman

    Name a NJ Democrat and a NJ Republican, with this catch: the Democrat has to be worse for progressive interests than the Republican.

    I can’t think of two who fit; can you?

  4. mmgth

    This isn’t about voting in lockstep with Progressives. An anti labor vote is anti Democrat/anti American.  


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