A Gay Old Time: Marriage Equality Will Create Prosperity for New Jersey

Despite Governor Christie’s pathetic attempt at not coming off like the cold-hearted lobbyist that he is by saying he gets “emotional” about the bad economy… he hasn’t created any jobs.

Christie has presided over and to a large degree exacerbated New Jersey’s poor economy. But there is one thing Wall Street’s errand boy can do to help stimulate some growth in the Garden State; follow New York’s lead and legalize equality.

That’s right, because of cowardly leadership from the New Jersey Democratic Party (due to a certain sausage fingered pol who shall remain nameless) New York State one-upped New Jersey and made history by legalizing gay marriage.

Let’s put aside the compelling moral and ethical case for getting rid of separate but equal and validating the dignity all people deserve for throwing off the chains of quite desperation and fearlessly stepping into the essence of their own identity – We can make MONEY!!!


                            (Shameless Marketing? EXACTLY)

Apparently one of the factors that pushed equality over the top in New York was the considerable wealth that would flow into the state and therefore also into government coffers:

A recent New York State Senate report estimated same-sex marriages will give a $391 million boost to the state’s economy over three years, a welcome development when the United States is still struggling to recover from a crippling recession…

Same-sex marriages added $111 million to the Massachusetts economy in the first five years, a 2009 study by The Williams Institute at the University of California at Los Angeles School of Law estimated.

Oh man we gotta get in on this! We’re going to give away $400 million to New York because the state Democratic Party is lead by feckless morons and Governor Christie pretends he is a strict Catholic despite worshiping mammon? C’mon!

What gay couple wouldn’t love a Shore wedding, maybe hit some casinos in A.C, stay at a nice hotel or bed breakfast? Money out the door!

The newlyweds, so intoxicated with love, might even be able to be tricked into going to Xanadu American Dreams Meadowlands… ehhh probably not (even euphoria has its limits).

If Governor Christie and his Nordubato allies really want to claim they did everything they could to help New Jersey’s economy it’s time to legalize equality and let the good times roll and the cash flow. A few button pushes and a signature in Trenton and in comes the income. Talk about low cost stimulus! Who says you can’t do well by doing good?

It’s time to invite Lady Liberty to marry her longtime partner in New Jersey. She can grace our beaches, patronize our restaurants, rest at our hotels and even gaze upon the lovely children of New Jersey who while we distract Lady Liberty can… steal her purse we got bills to pay!

In summation, it is time to finally do the right thing; something only done in New Jersey after exhausting all the alternatives. Let us not only raise spirits but raise money. Let us not only honor loving couples but decouple tourists from their money. In order words, let us enjoy the joy of others – what could be Gayer than that?


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