You Reap What You Sow

Tom Moran has a column in today’s that provides an account of Senate President Steve Sweeney’s ire after Governor Christie vetoed scores of programs that would have created jobs and helped the poor and middle class. Sweeney’s anger is puzzling.

Like nearly every Republican who touts “bipartisanship”, Christie is a BiNO – bipartisan in name only. And Sweeney should have known this.

When you have a party like the GOP that is willing to wreck the economy for the sake of their political benefactors, you have to recognize that real compromise is not in their vocabulary.

It is hard to believe that Sweeney considers Christie as a partner instead of an adversary as far as working people of New Jersey are concerned. Maybe Sweeney had a gentleman’s agreement with Christie, but Sweeney knows that Christie is one of the former US prosecutors who was not fired by Bush’s capo, Karl Rove, during Rove’s reign of unethical political terror. Anyone with a heartbeat should realize that this alone taints Christie with a dubious ethical record.

The only thing Sweeney accomplished last week was to advance Chris Christie’s presidential ambitions.

So the question remains. As the highest ranking elected Democratic official in New Jersey, is Sweeney over his head in dealing with a very clever governor? Or is Sweeny simply a GOP mole who is in Trenton to advance the Christie/Norcross axis of greed? Either way, Sweeney must be stripped of his leadership position and return the Democratic Party to real Democrats.

On a final note, Moran’s article quotes Sweeney as calling the governor a “rotten prick.” This type of language is uncalled for. Sweeney should immediately apologize to rotten pricks everywhere.

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  1. bluescat1

    Sweeney and Oliver should have held up on passing the pension and health care plan until they had a commitment on the budget. You would think he would have learned from the mistakes Obama made with the health care plan. Compromise is not in the republican dictionary. They are driven by the I got mine screw you mentality .

  2. 12mileseastofTrenton

    That’s the bottom line.

  3. Jersey Jazzman

    Sweeney’s whining here is like his mea culpa for not supporting ME – too little, too late.

    Christie owed him nothing on pen-ben: it came out just like Norcross wanted.

    I find Sweeney’s rant to be insincere. If he wants to make it up to the base, he’s going to have to do better. Otherwise, time to step down.

  4. firstamend07

    The most powerful Governorship in the country was made to compromise on pension and health reform because of the Senate President.

    As usual the radical left continues to attack the wrong person.

    Sweeney is fighting with a pop gun and Christie has an uzi.

    But on this site it is all hating all of the time regarding Sweeney.

    It is a shame because without Sweeney stopping ,or at least holding Christie back,New Jersey would look a lot worse than Wisc.

  5. DSWright

    Totally and completely Kabuki Theater.

    The axis is already planning ed reform together. So no this is all posturing the cursing is just extra makeup.

    I don’t think there are the votes to oust Sweeney, Oliver though is definitely in play.

  6. Nowlan

    eh, Mr. Sweeney? (a bit from the Good Book, towards the end, I think)

    I guess teachers are the only ones who have to watch their language these days.  

    No, I doubt most of us could speak this way at work–interviews are part of pol’s job.

    I’d like to see the foul language quoted in anti-Sweeney ads:  “After getting burned by Christie, Sweeney could only call him a ‘rotten pr–ck.'”

    Another pol for the kiddies to look up to.  

    More Pricks than Kicks says the young Samuel Beckett.

  7. ken bank

    This is becoming more like a circular firing squad I’d expect from Republicans and TNuts.  Maybe Sweeney and Oliver were wrong on pension reform, but it is an issue with widespread popular support (including myself I might add, though I suppose I wouldn’t count as part of the Democratic Party “base”).  And since Tom Moran is the reference for this story, I think it’s important to note that he’s given some pretty persuasive arguments in support of reform, including reasons why collective bargaining in this particular instance is not as efficacious as collective bargaining in the private sector.

    Anyway, I should hope that the “base” of the Democratic Party consists of alot more than public sector workers.  Besides, most Democrats voted against reform so it seems to me the “base” will still turn out to vote for those candidates, like Linda Greenstein who has a credible GOP challenger in Richard Kanka.  And those Democrats like Sweeney, Stack and Oliver who voted for reform will likely not have to sweat even if the “base” decides to sit this one out.

    By removing reform as a political issue Sweeney and Oliver have actually taken away the one issue Republicans have this November which enjoys popular support.  Now Republicans have nothing else to campaign on other than defending Christie, whose popular approval is sinking faster than the Titanic.

    Call me a troll or whatever you want, but for my two cents worth I think it’s time to break up the circular firing squad and move on from the Sweeney bashing to more important issues like the draconian budget cuts to this year’s budget, how to restore those cuts, and most important, making sure Democrats retain control of the legislature, if not getting a veto-proof majority like Republicans did in 1991.

  8. sandy23

    to answer my question.  

    If cutting and “balancing” the budget are so important, how come my property taxes keep going up???

    Re:  Sweeny and the turncoats from Essex, the old saying “when you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas”  seems appropriate.


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