USA Christie: Hacking, Shmacking

When Chris Christie was running the U.S. Attorney’s office in New Jersey, he got a complaint from a small New Jersey business called Floorgraphics. The company, based in Cherry Hill, had turned down an offer to be bought out by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.  At the time, Paul Carlucci (now publisher of the New York Post) was the CEO of News America Marketing, the News Corp division that wanted Floorgraphics. And after Floorgraphics turned down the buyout offer, Carlucci allegedly threatened to destroy the small business in retaliation. Years later, Floorgraphics’ founders discovered that their website had been hacked numerous times, with sensitive and confidential information having been stolen.

So Floorgraphics’ founders complained to the U.S. Attorney’s office – which, again, was being run by Chris Christie at the time. And they didn’t prosecute the case.


A civil suit in 2009 settled the deal – a $30 million buyout for Floorgraphics, and an admission from News Corp that they had hacked the company’s computers.

And is it a coincidence that a few years later, Christie is pals with Rupert Murdoch’s Darth Vader, Roger Ailes – and we’re not allowed to know what they discuss?

Read more at Media Matters and AP.

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  1. Bill Orr

    FLOORGraphics raised its allegations in 2004 and they were referred to Prosecutor Christie. Between then and 2009 Christie had ample time to investigate and launch a criminal case. Neither Christie nor his former commercial crimes chief, Deborah Gramiccioni, now his director of state authorities, have explained why they failed to act.

      Michael Isikoff of NBC reported that Bill Isaacson, the lawyer for Floorgraphics, said he was contacted last week by two federal prosecutors and an FBI agent based in New York seeking information about the claims that the firm’s computers were hacked by News America Marketing. Sen. Lautenberg continues to pursue the matter.  

    Maybe inquiring minds will learn more.

  2. Couch Potato Politics

    Perfect together.


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