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Now that everyone – both public and private workers – will have equally crappy and overpriced health care…

… maybe we can finally do something to make health care for everyone less crappy and overpriced.


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  1. deciminyan

    No health care system is perfect. But Medicare is the most efficient and cost-effective health care payment system we have. So instead of decimating it, Congress should expand it to include all Americans. Countries like Brunei, Slovenia, and Iceland have single payer – we should too.

  2. kwparker

    The SEHBP plan – you know, that thing Sweeney is trying to kill for the benefit of George Norcross – has saved school districts millions of dollars.  If it was expanded, maybe it could cover private citizens as well.  Union healthcare can actually save money.  See Atul Gawande’s piece from The New Yorker.

    Just a thought…Are you listening Senator Weinberg?

  3. firstamend07

    Committees,equally divided between labor and management will now be formed to create multiple plans for all the workers.

    The unions must stop complaining and get competent people on those committees.

    No more nonsense . Make this work.

    Government workers currently have very good health plans,it is up to the union leadership to “negotiate” even better plans.

    These NJEA,PBA,FOP,and CWA leaders are making a very good salary from the members dues.It is time for them to earn that salary.  

  4. Couch Potato Politics

    With Political Bosses like Norcross and Adubato who are millionaire insurance and power brokers and and Puppet politicians like Sweeney and Oliver who are wholey owned puppets of said insurance broker millionaires and power brokers, nothing is going to change.

    Unions have no control when millionaires game the system and the politicians are willing to sell deomcartic rights the way Sweeney and Oliver have.

    Anyone saying otherwise is a fool or a liar.


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