Swooning Sweeney’s Sorrows

I’m sorry, I know South Jersey too well to fall for these crocodile tears.

Tom Moran ran a column Sunday called “Sweeney unleashes his fury as N.J. budget battle turns personal.”

Sweeney plays himself off as a jilted lover, seduced into intimacy by the beguiling new man in town, he’s the Governor ya know, completing the soap opera with the great “betrayal.”(Ay Dios Mio!):

“After all the heavy lifting that’s been done – the property tax cap, the interest arbitration reform, the pension and health care reform – and the guy wouldn’t even talk to me?” Sweeney asks.

I hope no one was blinded by all the Lysol Sweeney sprayed to cover the stench of bullcrap.

Want to see some bad acting?

Oh man, they say “politics is acting for ugly people” – that’s just ugly acting.

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After a lot of people called bull on the whole display right after the press conference. Sweeney doubled down saying:

“I wanted to punch him in his head.”… “You know who he reminds me of?” Sweeney says. “Mr. Potter from ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ the mean old bastard who screws everybody.”…”He’s a rotten prick.”

Firstly, violence is never appropriate, heartbroken or not. Sweeney will likely be called on that one and asked to apologize and he should. The law is the line in American politics and physical violence is wayyy over it.

Getting past the scripted Mr. Potter reference and the dirty talk (to show Sweeney is really upset) is the simple fact that he and Christie have been partners continuously since day one and now, when some deflection over unpopular policies is needed, Christie goes from the man Sweeney swoons over to “a rotten prick.” It’s ridiculous.

They are both professional politicians cutting politically calculated deals, the outrage is phonier than the time cards at Xanadu American Dream Meadowlands.

You want to win back some support among the base Mr. Senate President? You want any shot at Governor in 2013? Fake outrage is worthless, pass some good Progressive legislation; protect public education from privatization, marriage equality, stand up for seniors and the poor who need government services… something, anything?

Otherwise we are all left with the final act in this farce. The new man in town comes back sorrowfully to ask forgiveness, the wounded lover can’t help himself – he knows the Governor acted rotten (prick) –  but those ancient feelings soon return. But… can Sweeney really open his heart again after such a betrayal?

“We could work together on the Corporate takeover of public education, it would be just like… old times.” says the Governor, suddenly vulnerable. A long hard moment, why is trust so hard? “That would be reallllll nice” Sweeney says, heart all a flutter.

The Governor and Sweeney ride together out into the sunset, the darkening sky illuminated by the fires of the state of New Jersey burning to the ground behind them.

Spare us the drama.

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  1. princetonblue

    Sweeney likes to play the role of a bully, but seems not to understand how to play the political game.  He’s shown that he is beholden to norcross and will sacrifice anybody to help norcross’s business interests.  Now, if he is to be believed, he was outwitted by christie on the budget.  Any idiot knew that sweeney lost any leverage he thought he had by passing the pension legislation first.

  2. ken bank

    I got the impression Sweeney was more upset that Christie never called him.  He sounded more like a jilted lover than a betrayed politician.

  3. HurtPillow

    At this point, I do not think Sweeney is worth saving, his love for Norcross and Christie prevent him from pursuing a real progressive or even democrat agenda.  He needs to go; he has shamed himself, the democratic party, and our state.  Someone, bring Cody back, please…  

  4. huntsu


  5. joanneleon

    but it doesn’t much matter to me whether he is or isn’t.  He did what he did.  Oliver is playing the same game over the transitional aid and she has to be full of it too.

    Neither would ever get my vote now.

    What ever happened to the people who pledged to try to recall Christie last year?

  6. Couch Potato Politics

    and you reek of the pit.

    Sweeney is either the most naive politician New Jersey has ever seen or the the most incredibly poor actor because this tape doesn’t carry any anger on it, just empty words from an empty suit.

    If Sweeney’s sense of betrayal comes within even an inkling of how public workers throughout the state felt when he threw them under Christie’s anti-union bus then we know that karma is alive and well and standing on his shoulder, laughing and poking him in the eye.

    Sweeney’s days are numbered and his political career is history. His mock hatred of Christie fools no one and his allegiance to George Norcross is cemented with the mortor of his betrayals.

    Smile, Steve, you’re on Candid Camera but Alan Funt has been replaced by Chris Christie and you are the biggest joke in the room.

  7. FreeDem
  8. Nick Lento

    ….he’s lost all credibility as a real Democrat.

    He can’t even fake sounding outraged.  The limp weak tone of voice gives him away.

    When Sweeney is motivated he can be and act and sound tough…..this was just a piss poor act.  He should be embarrassed…and now the right wing types will try to make him apologize for the “over the top” language!   ROTFLMAO!!!

    Again, we need a statewide effort to renew and rebuild the Democratic party from the ground up.

    The machines of both parties have to go, they are evil corrupt monstrosities that don’t give a shit about anything other than perpetuating their own power and cashflow.

  9. Couch Potato Politics

    Rachel Maddow regarding Steve sweeney getting prison raped by Chris Christie on the budget:

    “If you surrender and STILL get beat up, you’re doing it wrong.”


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