News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, July 28, 2011

Xanadu American Dream: Christie’s corporate welfare

  • How else could that huge investment been made? Better Choices for NJ has some suggestions.

    Legal services: 2 out of 3 poor clients turned away due to inadequate funding

  • Legal service providers told Assembly Judiciary members about impact of funding losses in NJ: laying off 100 staffers this year, serving 10,000 fewer clients than last year.

  • Assembly committee wants Gov. Christie to restore $10M to Legal Services of NJ budget.

    NJ’s role in the roiling national debt issue

  • NJ residents will be hurt regardless of outcome of debt ceiling talks, analysts warn.

  • Tom Moran on Christie’s call for bipartisan compromise : (Christie) just finished a rash of line-item vetoes that removed any semblance of compromise from the state budget. And his call for civil discourse is rich. He has dragged down the discourse in this state as much as Snooki and her crew has.

  • Christie takes swing at Obama.

  • Default could have widespread impact in NJ.

  • What NJ’s delegation says about the debt-limit debate. (Herb Jackson)

    How it all works now in Chris Christie’s New Jersey

  • Political Links and a Jail Bid in North Jersey: New York Times suggests the fix is in for Christie pal Bill Palatucci to get a big contract immigrant detention center in Essex, via Joe DiVincenzo, even though the record suggests Palatucci’s company isn’t much good at what it’s probably going to get that big contract to do.x


  • Shutdown also puts hundreds of FAA contract employees out of work.

  • NJ groups get $1.7M in federal funds to help low-income veterans find permanent housing.

  • Trenton plan for 150 city worker layoffs, including 108 police officers, is approved by state.

  • Is your post office going to close? Check the list.

  • NJ utility customers switching to new providers – in droves.

  • Ventnor asks Christie to order forensic audit on past finances.

  • The debt ceiling: Waiting for Godot, Armageddon, Continued Dysfunction, and Psychic Damage.

  • Medicaid fraud seen, $100 million is paid back.

  • Newark council votes to return property tax rates to last year’s levels for now.

    One New Jersey

  • Loretta Weinberg formally calls for disclosure at One New Jersey.

  • NJ Democrats ask for transparency from group supporting them.

  • Weinberg tells it like it is. (Bob Ingle)

    Serious Kudos for Chris Christie

  • Yeah, you heard that right.

    Debt ceiling protest at Leonard Lance’s office

  • What happened after Obama’s request flooded GOP reps offices and crashed their websites.


  • Teacher Swap Quashed: When Newark’s public school system accepted $5 million from the federal government last year to turn around the poorly performing Malcolm X. Shabazz High School, it agreed to replace at least half of the school’s teachers, under the belief that principals could then hire better ones.Instead, Shabazz swapped teachers with two other failing schools. (WSJ)

  • 9 NJ schools to share $55M in federal grant money to boost academic performance: With the loot, comes the power to fire half the teaching staff or a principal.

    Lonegan v. Tittel

  • Steve Lonegan (Americans for Prosperity) and Jeff Tittel (Sierra Club) squared off on RGGI in a debate hosted by Bergen Grassroots DFA.

  • You can watch it here.

    Jon Runyan

  • Employing the lessons of football in the halls of Congress.

    Stile: Christie’s shadow looms over 38th District

  • As hard as the consultants argue otherwise, this November’s contest in the Legislature’s District 38 is about one name that is not on the ballot – Governor Christie. (Charlie Stile)


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    1. SmartyJones

      interested in writing a letter to the editor at the NYT?

      In its attempt to persuade Gov. Cuomo to reconsider his position on legalizing medical marijuana, the NYT suggests that he look to Gov. Christie, who changed his mind, and is now compassionate in his efforts to help those stricken with debilitating diseases.

      Oh please!  The editorial suggests that Christie is compassionate about something other than his own self-interest.  What a crock.

      I don’t feel comfortable about the history or the facts to set the record straight.  It would be a travesty if this editorial were to go unchallenged.


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