Jen Beck: Trenton’s Fair-weather Friend to the Gays

One look at 12th district Senator Jen Beck and it's perfectly obvious why she's got “Gay Man's BFF” written all over her.  

She's fabulous, gorgeous and has a big long pony tail that I secretly want to French braid.  She's also a bit of a diva.  Basically what we gays affectionately call a  “fag hag.”  Straight out of central casting.   For better or worse, she just gives off that vibe.

But here's the deal, she's not a true friend to NJ's LGBT community as proved by her NO vote on Marriage Equality.  To make it worse, as a member of the Judiciary Committee Sen. Beck shares a rather unfortunate distinction of being one of only 4 NJ Senators to vote against marriage equality TWICE.  For those of y'all keeping score, YES it does make it twice as bad.

Frankly i was surprised and hurt when she voted NO (for reasons described in paragraph 1) but in retrospect it makes sense: Governor Chris Christie was on the lookout for a LtGovernor at the time and Beck was widely considered to be on the shortlist.  Voting for Gay rights was not gonna score any points with Christie who's admittedly “not a fan” of equal marriage rights for gays and lesbians.

So it was newsy when Jane Roh reported Senator Beck's evolving position on equality.  In her own words:  

“There are lots of reasons why I ultimately voted no. My position has evolved. I spent a lot of time on this issue, and at the end of the day, I would support it if it came before me.”

Naturally we welcome her change of heart.  Change is good.  

You know what else has changed?  Beck's district.  

more below… 

Reapportionment is the once-in-a-decade redrawing of the legislative maps.  It's based on the census and can radically alter the terrain a politician represents either in Washington or (in Beck's case) Trenton's statehouse.  New Jersey's new map added Asbury Park and Ocean Grove to Beck district, transforming it over night into (arguably) the gayest district in New Jersey.  

So Beck's track record on equality: vote against Gay people when it matters (or when it suits her politically) but now that she wants to represent the gayest district in NJ a sudden the sudden conversion.  Go figure.  If Senator Beck wants to do something useful for the gays i her district, she could start by working to build a veto-proof majority.  

Anyway, Beck's opponent in this November's election Ray Santiago remarked on the Senator's, ahem, change of heart:  

Jen Beck's recent opportunistic flip flop regarding marriage equality is troubling to me and should be to all voters. She voted for discrimination when it mattered most. You either stand for equal rights or you don't.

For most voters Gay marriage doesn't top their  list of political priorities.  But it's a window into what makes Jen Beck –the candidate — tick.  And her voting pattern indicates a loyalty to Governor Chris Christie which causes to betray her own moderate gay-friendly values in favor of Republican party discipline. 

Which really sucks.  Cuz last i checked, Chris Christie doens't live in Senator Beck's district.

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  1. Jay Lassiter (Post author)

    News this weekend that Senator Beck will now support marriage equality after voting against it when all of New Jersey was watching is not shocking to anyone who has followed Beck’s career as a professional politician. She now faces a district which includes Asbury Park, Ocean Grove & other LGBT friendly areas – a new district which has 10,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans – therefore, it should come as no surprise that Senator Beck is flipping her position only due to politics.

    The reality is that New Jersey taxpayers are tired of hypocritical, professional politicians who change their positions based on the political climate. Republicans, Democrats and all New Jerseyians should be tired of politicians who play the public. It is not like the Senator opposed marriage equality because it is in her belief system, it was simply due to the politics of a new district.This is an issue of human rights and Senator Beck plays politics – She voted against marriage equality not once, but twice – once in the judiciary committee and a second time on the floor of the senate and now because of a new district, she claims she supports it.

    When it mattered most and the world was watching, Senator Beck decided to appease Chris Christie and her Tea Party base. All New Jerseyians who support human rights and full marriage equality for all of our brothers and sisters in the LGBT community will  see through Beck’s incredible hypocrisy.

    I have and always will support full marriage equality for all New Jerseyians and 11th district residents can be assured that I will not change my position based on politics. Marriage equality is a human rights issue which I will fight day and night for until it becomes law. It is a sad day to see a New Jersey state senator play politics on an issue of human rights.”

  2. JimSage

    Jay, This is one Republican that will be supporting Ray Santiago.  I would rather vote for one good democrat as opposed to one “bad” republican.

    I have been a critic of Jennifer Beck for quite some time.  She has even sent the state police to my home to mute my criticisms of her.

    My situation is detailed on “Dump State Senator Jennifer Beck” on Facebook.

    And yes, that silly dilly pony tail needs to go!!  She needs a makeover big time.

    Her hypocrisy with everything including the civil rights of others (and yes, I must throw in the unborn) are truly frightening.


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