Cunningham and Ruiz defend their NJN votes

With apologies to Richard Nixon:  “I am not a sellout.”

“It was going down, and I wasn’t getting phone calls from people saying it’s important to keep it alive,” said Cunningham. “I think it’s fine going to WNET. I felt it was the best thing for my district.”

Was she getting phone calls the other way?  How many would she have needed?  Best thing for her district?  How so?  Because you can see New York from your house?

We went through a task force to analyze NJN and based on the legislation put forth it was clear to me we would not have a television station had we not opted to do what we did,” said Ruiz. “It’s important for us to have New Jersey news.”  

An out and out lie.  Putting aside the Montclair State bid, a deal could have been worked out keeping NJN news on the air.

Shorter Ruiz:  Joe D ordered me to vote this way.…

So know we know why the four Democrats voted the way they did.  Stack because . . . enough said.  Gill to keep her Essex County legal fees flowing.  Ruiz because Joe D and the Adubatos told her to.  And Cunningham because her phone wasn’t working, apparently.

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