Chris Christie – Lying Liar

When Michael Aron dared to suggest that plenty of evidence shows New Jersey is NOT the highest taxed state in the country – contrary to the claims of Chris Christie – the governor open up both barrels on the author of a recent op-ed that proved his claim false: Deborah Howlett.

First of all, you’ll notice Christie does not attempt to refute Howlett’s piece on its merits; the fact is that he can’t. Study after study has shown that New Jersey is NOT the highest taxed state in the US; Howlett’s piece was just one in a series of refutations of Christie’s claim.

But all that aside: listen to Christie’s one reference to a study that he claims backs him up (quote starts at 1:27):

You go around the country; you can ask anybody if they’d rather move here for the tax situation here than the tax situation in their state. And what you’re going to find is what the Boston College study found between 2004 and 2008, which is $70 billion in wealth walked out of this state because of the tax situation we have in this state.

Christie says the BC study claims that wealth left this state because of taxes. Oh, really?

Here’s the study, authored by John Havens. I defy anyone to go through the study and find any claim that tax policy is the reason why wealth left this state.

The fact is, Havens makes no such claim. On page 27, in Table 7, Havens shows the percentage of wealthy people who left New Jersey for 18 different reasons; taxes are not even listed as one of those reasons (70% of these folks moved for job-related reasons).

So, no, governor, the BC study definitely does not say wealth left this state due to taxes. And why would it? We aren’t the highest taxed state in country, contrary to your lies, so wealth would have little incentive to leave for a better tax situation.

Oh, and Senator Sweeney? Nice job giggling while Christie lied in everyone’s face.

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  1. Thurman Hart

    was examined by The Wall Street Journal, which actually linked to my article which deconstructed the study. Tom Moran’s, too.

  2. DSWright

    people don’t like paying taxes and property taxes, as a tool for revenue are higher in NJ than many other places.

    It’s also worth noting a lot of older people pay high property taxes who don’t have children – then again they have special rebates.

    The genius of the Corporate propaganda program is to convince poor people (101.5 crowd) who get a lot from government services [police, fire, SCHOOLS] that taxation is some form of theft and that the rich getting richer somehow benefits them despite the obvious.

    Christie, as a former Corporate lobbyist, is excellent at this con. But it’s not the 1980s and he is too ugly and obnoxious to be Ronald Reagan.

    The chickens have come home to roast – this way of thinking leads to poverty and now it has.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. 12mileseastofTrenton

    Name calling, but no denying the eight place ranking.

  4. 12mileseastofTrenton

    Can’t even stands still as he betrays his party and sides with a lying governor.

  5. FreeDem

    Guess he just wanted to ‘blend in’.  

    So if the study found that 70% left the state for employment reasons, NJ’s employment and remuneration must not be worth staying for? Wonder what the employment flight statistics are for those other higher tax or even lower tax states?

    Christie can claim not to have raised taxes on all his conservative talk shows, but he sure is cutting a lot of services (whose detrimental societal impact cannot be measured). Six of one ½ dozen of the other. So the argument is state taxes are ‘stabilized’, although local costs go up in other ways to make up for the cuts, and Christie gets a sound bite, and NJ’s quality of life goes down (unless you’re in the millionaire’s club).

    Thanks for standing by your man Sweeney!

  6. Nowlan

    to make sure each flunkey smiles and nods at the right moments.


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