Why Primaries Matter.

Today is Primary Day in New Jersey, and polls are open from 6a to 8p. You should vote! (and here’s the dirty secret why):

Even after statewide redistricting this year, it remains a fact that the vast majority of legislative districts in the state are a virtual shoo-in for one party or the other in November. That means in the vast majority of legislative districts in the state, the only real election that will take place this year for representation in Trenton is happening today.

That’s why it’s not just registered Democrats and Republicans who should care about today’s primary. Every voter should care – because your Senator and your Assemblymembers are mostly being chosen today, not in November. And, for Democrats in Democratic districts, that means the winners are the people who will be expected to take the fight to Gov. Chris Christie for the next two years.

In most places, there is no contested primary. But, in those few places where there actually are contested primaries, you need to vote, and you need to choose wisely. Who will better represent you for the next 2 years? Who will stand up to Chris Christie? And, who will stand up for Democrats and progressive principles?

If you know that, then you know who deserves to represent you in Trenton. So, go vote! 🙂

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  1. tabbycat31

    You should vote anyways.  I just came back from the polls (voting in person is such a strange feeling) and my district is awful.  I was the 6th Democrat to vote and 105 Republicans have voted so far.

    I already have adopted another legislative district and hopefully I won’t have to adopt another municipality too.

    Seriously Democrats, get out and vote today.

  2. carolh

    In some cases – very few but SOME, there is a hole on the ticket.  As Democrats we should make sure these don’t happen, but in my district – LD39, there is NO NAME on the Democratic ballot for State Senate.  NONE.

    It is rare but it happens because of a lack of political will to go up against an entrenched (30 years) incumbent like Gerald Cardinale.  The Bergen Democratic Party did not fill that hole this year.  In a time of Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Florida Republican overreach, we should be going for every single Senate Seat possible,  EVERY SINGLE one.

    When I moved to distrist 39 from LD37, I was upset to lose my LD37 team of Loretta, Valerie and Gordon, but I knew someone would have to go up against Cardinale and shore up the Dems in 39. I just did not expect it to happen so quickly.

    Which is why I launched a write-in campaign for the Senate Seat today. Since there is nobody on the ballot and no contested elections on the Democratic side, I think I actually have a chance to wind up on the ballot in November.

    Crazy because my first election was won by my own one vote – writing myself in for County Committee in 2004 at a Primary where we had to practically wake the poll workers up it was so empty.  Light turnout can have huge consequences for the folks who actually show up.  

    So, if you live in LD39 and want a Dem voice finally speaking for you after 30 years, please write me in.

  3. bluescat1

    I was number 4 at 11:30, I had to practically wake up the workers.

  4. Jim Lane

    I’m a recent arrival to NJ.  I’m in one of those districts with a contested Assembly primary (district 33, Hoboken/Jersey City).  With one open seat, the Hudson County Democratic Organization is backing the incumbent, Ruben Ramos, Jr., and Sean Connors.  The insurgent, backed by Mayor Dawn Zimmer of Hoboken, is Ravi Bhalla.

    I haven’t been able to figure out who’d do the best job of fighting Christie.  Can anyone help me out?

  5. Jeff Gardner (Post author)

    I got to join Underground Progressive Radio last night as a guest for predictions and results. My prediction: party-backed candidates would rule the day. And they did. And those candidates are all the better for it.

    Underground Progressive Radio airs each night from 9PM-11PM, with both original and syndicated shows, covering community, state and national issues. Check them out!


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