TGIF News Roundup & Open Thread for June 24, 2011

A long day, and a bad outcome

  • NJ Assembly passes landmark employee benefits overhaul.

  • New Jersey Lawmakers Approve Benefits Rollback for Work Force.

  • Christie crows to the NYTimes about changes to the pension system.

  • Assembly Democrats splinter. (Capitol Quickies)

  • Some of what was going on outside the State House. And in.

  • Examing the Changes to Health Insurance and Pensions. (NYTimes)
  • Interesting poll results at The Ed Show (MSNBC): Should unions punish New Jersey Democrats who are siding with Governor Chris Christie? Click for results.

    Sen. Loretta Weinberg’s Blue Jersey post in PolitiFact

  • And they rate a statement she made here, that NJN is the only news station covering NJ government, as FALSE. But what they don’t tell you is that her statement is only technically false. Yes, other stations cover New Jersey – sometimes, or for some part of the state, or sporadically – but there are no competitors now for the kind of all-day live coverage of the workings of government that NJN produces.

    Democrats buck Christie, propose budget

  • Yes, this was also going on in Trenton’s big news day yesterday.

  • Democrats budget proposal allocates $1.6B to public education (AP)

  • Democrats toss a hot potato back at GOP (Charlie Stile)

    Yet another non-disclosure organization formed with big-dollars to support Christie’s agenda

  • More on the hedge-funders behind “Better Education for Kids.

    Additional Assorted Christie

  • Washington Post’s right-wing columnist gets an interview with Christie.

  • Right-wing writer Kevin Mooney tries to pull Christie back to the bad-science side of climate change. (American Spectator)

  • Governor trying to torpedo law (Courier Post editorial)

    Senate Hearing on NJN handover

  • 6-hour hearing, and the NJ Treasurer particularly got some very challenging questions about how this deal came to be.


  • Unanswered Questions: Senate healthcare hearing apparently fails to be satisfied by administration’s answers on Medicaid.

  • NJ adoptees could obtain birth certificate, but might have to wait 12 months.

  • NJ now has an Alzheimers Commission.

    Obama on marriage

  • It’s not specifically New Jersey – though, of course it is – but I thought I ought to tell you that Pres. Obama spoke at an LGBT funder last night in New York, a state whose legislature is on the verge of a vote on marriage equality. And he called for equal rights for gay people, but stopped short on marriage. #nothelpful
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