Stephen Sweeney should resign or switch parties

Realistic or not, this is what it comes down to.  To quote one of my fellow Blue Jerseyans, “this is war”.  To quote another, “Sweeney, the union boss, is bragging that the union lost.”  To quote another, “sending around this column to the press is the equivalent of high fiving himself for the union man’s unique role in helping a strongman Republican Governor bring organized labor to its knees.” – a column that includes the following quote from Sweeney:

“You saw the unions today do their best to intimidate people,” said Senate President Steve Sweeney. “But guess what? We’re in charge. I didn’t come down here to be told what to do.”

Sweeney must be proud.  He did the bidding for his benefactor, insurance man George Norcross and carried water for Governor Christie’s anti-middle class agenda yet again.  But in reality, he has yet again betrayed the values of Democrats – the party he is supposed to be one of the leaders of – as well as the middle class workers that the Party has historically stood up for, not to mention the unions that we was a part of for so long.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane when Sweeney sold out another Democratic value, equality:

“If we learned anything in this last election it’s that the main issue right now is the economy,”

Ahhhhh yes, the economy.   When Sweeney could have made sure that Christie’s tax cut for the wealthy didn’t happen during the lame duck session, he didn’t lead.  Then, he could have blocked a vote (singlehandedly) on Christie’s horrific budget last year but refused to do so.  And while there could have been a shutdown, it would have given New Jerseyans a taste of what “life in Chris Christie’s New Jersey” would be like – and has become.  Instead, Sweeney made sure there were just enough votes from his caucus to pass Christie’s draconian budget last year.  

If Sweeney cared about Democratic values or cared about the economy while failing to lead on the issue of equality, he wouldn’t be taking the lead on this nonsense on eliminating worker rights and demolishing collective bargaining in the first place.  If Sweeney cared about Democratic values or cared about the economy, he wouldn’t have led the charge on some of Christie’s property tax pet projects like the cap that did nothing to lower property taxes or help towns or schools.  That doesn’t create jobs.  That doesn’t help the economy.  

He is a failure in his role as Democratic Leader on many many levels and is not deserving of his position.  If anything, he is acting like those on the other side of the aisle.

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  1. Couch Potato Politics

    I had to listen to Sweeney literally brag about how he was a “Labor” guy and a “Union” guy and then, when I read his remarks in the news the following morning, I wondered at what point he also decided to be the “Lying” guy.

    He can’t be the “Labor” guy and the guy who brought “Labor to it’s knees”.

    Time for this turn-coat to go or claim his desired place on the GOP side of the aisle because he is a republican in everything but name now.

  2. FreeDem

    had been working on this pension/benefit reform for years. Probably in the interests of Norcross. So were they simply fortunate that Christie had like-minded interests, as with Adubato’s school privatization interests? Or is Christie cutting deals for the Norcross/Adubato special interests, in exchange for ‘Democrat’ support of special  interests of his own or the Republican party’s? Norcross gets a great deal, Baby boy Adubato gets part in NJN, Big boy Adubato gets many a charter school. The public employees and the taxpayers get fleeced. Great deal. Makes Dwek’s deals look petty in comparison.

    BTW, so much for your gubernatorial ticket pick Jay ;o).  

  3. 12mileseastofTrenton

    Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

    Sweeney needs to step down as leader.  As does Oliver.  Neither one has the support of the majority of their caucus.  Or the majority of Democrats in this state.

    If not, they need to be forced to so by their caucuses.  If that does not happen, we need to consider our options.

  4. firstamend07

    The Democratic Party is a big tent. Small minorities ,like those who want Sweeney out of the tent, are just fringe elements.


    He has been fighting, almost single handed for pension reform since 2005. NOW HE HAS SAVED THE PENSION SYSTEM!

    He has been waving the red flag on a poorly funded health care plan for years.NOW HE HASSAVED THE HEALTH CARE PLAN BY MAKING SURE THAT ALL PARTICIPANTS PAY A FAIR SHARE!

    He made Paid Family Leave happen in this State.

    He stood up to the Governor on his draconian pension and health plan, and he beat back the Governor on the 2% constitutional amendment for property taxes which would have laid off thousands of workers.

    Sweeney is the main reason New Jersey did not become Wisconsin!

    The viewpoints of many on the radical Left are viewpoints that the majority of Democrats and taxpayers in general do not hold.  

    To each other you sound smart,  everyone else just shakes their heads.

  5. speedkillsu

    support any of this ….do you think that the fact that private union workers that can’t even find jobs or have 1/2 of the benefits or pensions that this group of workers have will be happy to pay more in property taxes to support state union workers ….think again  

  6. punk7676

    Sweeney is the only sane democrat in trenton these days…..hello adam L…..maybe you’ve noticed the Gov of NJ is a Rep, not a Dem….Dems in trenton have been bankrupting this state for years and now we must do something, and sweeneny understands we must bring reality to public employee costs…he is not “anti middle class”…..what you really mean is he is not doing the bidding of the unions, and that is a good thing…..i am a middle class private sector Dem and sweeney  is doing exactly what i would be doing….he’s looking out for the majority of people in this state who are middle class in the private sector…..we should be cutting spending, not raising taxes…i’m tired of Dems who have and want to continue to tax and spend me to death….

  7. sandy23

    when we need him.  

    I am sick and tired of the Democratic Party.  I have been a member and activist in the party for over 40 years, but I have reached my limit.  These days it’s hard to tell the D’s from the R’s in Trenton and Washington.  

    In the past when Dems where in power everyone “got” something.  The poor got help, the labor got support, maybe a job or two through patronage.  Now they are all hooked up to special interests.

    I have two thoughts on this:

       1. Campaign finance reform

       2. TERM LIMITS.

  8. rjsnj

    And Democrats wonder why they lose to the sociopaths in the Republican Party?

    Why wonder!  When you act like Republicans, aid and abet their actions, what sort of choice are you?  Maybe it’s time to elect some Greens or Socialists to the state legislature.  We need a real change.

  9. SmartyJones

    have an historian here?  Some one must have something to say about the tragectory of power that has arc’ed over the last few years.

    Cody forced out.  By whom?  Sweeney  and Oliver voted in.  By whom?

    Deals with Christie?  Who knows?

    NJ as usual?  You betcha.

  10. speedkillsu

    I know that they get in your way .I won’t tell you how much Christie has lowered my or my friends  taxes ,But I]ll go one better .Look to your Assemblymen Louis Greenwald  his taxes were lowered for the first time in over 10 years under Christies tax cutting…    when you find the facts to be true you can delete my post so as not to cause you any embarrassment ….

  11. Jeff Gardner

    I’d like to see fewer 0’s, which should be reserved for trolls – not for comments you think are unproductive (that’s a 1), or marginal (that’s a 2). If you disagree w/someone, say why. Or post a comment that says “Disagree” (and others may up-rate that!) But, 0 ratings can hide interesting or provocative comments that others want to read. My 2 cents. 🙂

  12. Barry Bendar

    It makes me very sad to see the goings on in our State.  We  live in a very different world than the one I lived in when I was young.  The problem is, because of greed, our elected officials still haven’t made this realization.  Most (if not all) of the Dems on that Committee, that voted last week to strip State Workers of their right to have health benefits included in collective bargaining, did so at the behest of one George Norcross.  The day of Political Bosses must come to an end.  As I stated earlier, it’s a different world now.  The time has never been more urgent to work on Campaign Funding reform!! Let’s take the selfish “windbags” out of the equation.

  13. gary stein

    mine, another perfidious politician who’s up to no good tricks, Vince Polistina….and not one comment for my troubles?  What’s the formula pray tell?  Is it months and months blogging, earning mojo on this site?


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