Some of the People Who Work for You in NJ

To begin to dissolve the collective bargaining rights that New Jersey’s public workers have counted on for decades, Gov. Chris Christie employed a masterful communications strategy. It isn’t easy to convince well-educated voters that the people who live down the street, or across town, are your enemy.

To do it, Christie had to turn … the bus driver you see every day … your kid’s math teacher … the guy who works at the library … the lady who makes lunches for the folks at Vineland Developmental Center .. the cop … the firefighter … the woman sitting up all night helping a WWII veteran die peacefully … into caricature. They are middle class, or working class. But he calls them rich, tells you they’re cheating you every day, that they’re the ones responsible for a deadened economy. Because they’re greedy. Bloodsuckers.

He has to depersonalize them in order to do all that. He’s good at it, too. We hear he’s going places. And some Democrats stand behind him. The ones that do not deserve to know how many people are standing behind them. Waving across the country now, with some powerful interests behind it, is an effort to get people to turn against each other, blame each other, instead of seeking better governmental solutions, better lawmakers, better spending priorities.

Tomorrow, the NJ Assembly votes on a bill hostile to our public workers. It will make national news. If you can get there, come to the State House at noon. Thousands of people will await the vote. As Couch Potato Politics tells us, it’s not too late to call Assembly members.

Meanwhile, here’s a reminder of who Chris Christie’s talking about when he tells you who New Jersey’s public workers are:

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  1. 12mileseastofTrenton

    If he didn’t get the votes of faux Democrats like Sweeney, and  boss flunkies like Oliver.

  2. Alex

    Thank you not only for posting the video but for putting succinctly what is going on in this state and in this country: While those who have plunged our economy into a deep recession continue to collect their millions and/or exercise political power, it is the working class that is being blamed and punished after being portrayed, as you said, as bloodsuckers and rich. These people are our neighbors, they are our friends, they are part of the middle class of our country. They are not the cause for our troubles and they are not the solution to them either.

  3. William Weber (WjcW)

    In 2006 the benefits review task force analyzed the benefits offered by the state and provided a laundry list of recommendations to the legislature.

    The administration at the time and subsequent administrations were unable to negotiate any of the changes recommended. This was in 2006, when the economy was much stronger.

    It’s now 5 years later and we’ve made next to no progress on those recommendations and in addition the economy has suffered.

    NJ Voters aren’t stupid, Christie isn’t some master hypnotist. People just recognize that since before 2006 we’ve been on an unsustainable course and short of legislative action it seems there is no changing gears. We’ve had 5 years and haven’t accomplished much.

  4. speedkillsu

    Of course there is a good reason to end collective bargaining. Cities /towns should strive to provide the most services for the least cost, not the least services for the most cost The goal of public unions is to provide the fewest services for the most amount. Thus public unions are incompatible with public service.Collective bargaining jacks ups costs and that means higher taxes for absolutely no possible added benefit, and most likely negative benefit. Thus, regardless of where you live, you should vow to remove from office any politician that votes to continue this destructive practice .  


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