Rally for Women’s Health (and Hot Feminist Men)

Women's Health Care Rally4 6-2011We saw it today. The sliding approval ratings of our headstrong governor (more on this later) are being driven downward by New Jersey’s women. Women unimpressed by gubernatorial bluster, who may wonder what Chris Christie’s attitude towards their gender might be, given that he is incapable of speaking about or to women legislators – like Loretta Weinberg (“take a bat to her”), Valerie Huttle (“a jerk”) Sheila Oliver (“liar”) and Bonnie Watson Coleman (responsible for a murder) – without unprofessional conduct and insulting language.

On the other hand, maybe New Jersey women don’t have to wonder, since everything in Gov. Christie attitude toward his female constituents, particularly those of lower income, is crystal clear. He removed from the state budget the $7.5 million the state was funding women’s health and family planning programs, of critical need. He has ignored or resisted all attempts to find alternate ways to restore that funding, while spending freely on other things. And he’s caused the state to lose $9 of federal funding for every $1 New Jersey isn’t spending on these programs.

Women's Health Rally 6-20-11Fortunately, there is leadership in both houses of the legislature – with Sen. Loretta Weinberg & Asw Linda Stender in the lead – who will not give up. Yesterday was a killer day in Trenton, and the disgraceful votes in the Senate and Assembly Budget blotted out the rest of the day. So, reaching back a day, here are some pictures from yesterday’s rally calling for a full restoration of the funds removed from family planning and women’s health programs.

Women's Health Care Rally3 6-20-11I want to note the delegations from National Council of Jewish Women and Planned Parenthood, who showed in numbers. And that among the men who showed up – sexy beasts all of them – was Rep. Frank Pallone, who towered over everyone else at the podium, and LD-8 candidate Carl Lewis, who pointed out that sometimes it takes a man to stand up for a woman. I have to say it: Feminist men are hot.

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