On The Record with 4 Time Losing Candidate, Gary Stein. Subject: Vince Polistina

But first, a word about Congressman Frank LoBiondo; Assemblyman John Amodeo; and a letter that will not be printed in Press of Atlantic City.

Some South Jersey resident certainly said to himself last yr, or the year before, or the year before that, “Whats that? LoBiondo in the news again getting another few mil for the region.  But Frank complained about Washington insiders last week on the local talk radio?”  Fast forward to June, 2011.  A Tea Party type perhaps, this time reads  about  17 million more dollars for the local airport and another building the Airport doesn’t really need…..to house firetrucks.  The old building looks pretty adequate?  And all this generosity is thanks to Frank LoBiondo again.  This person thinks, times have changed, and asks himself why nobody takes this big spender on at the ballot box?

A week later it’s John Amodeo in the news.  A NJ Assemblyman, a Republican, an admirer of Chris Christie, supported by Chris Christie, and it’s Amodeo, “LoBiondo Light” introducing an extreme, narrowly focused bill to protect fireman and policeman at this same precious airport of ours in case the greater Port Authority takes over and may or may not lay off workers.

This person and the other guy, and a few more here and there wonder why these politicians, especially ones who brag they’re such staunch fiscal conservatives, say one thing and do another?  Some of us wonder if anybody is keeping track what Political Action Committee is donating to what politician, or what political  party, although  those “party” lines blurred yrs ago.  Everybody is wondering when somebody new, an outsider is going to point out the hypocrisy and beat one of these career politicians.  Will it ever happen?

Post Script, June 20.  The above musings were meant for the Atlantic City Press as a “letter to the editor” not realizing when I wrote it, they already were printing another letter, tomorrow.  They don’t contact me and tell me this, even thought I always ask, “yes” or “no.”   I write them again and finally they answer me, saying “no” to the above letter, they’re already printing my previous submission- a letter by me saying we need get the hell out of Afghanistan, pronto.  I wish I never wrote that letter because……. today I’m even more fired up about local issues again, ugh.  I read that Republican, Vince Polistina is breaking with  his natural ally, Republican Governor Chris Christie, over Christie’s insistence that state workers only use in state medical facilities.  Does anyone but me…….and a few political operatives on Polistina’s staff, believe Polistina is being straightforward about this, but is instead positioning himself to look like a great guy for 1) being independent of a Governor who is very unpopular among Democrats (cough), and therefore (Polistina is) looking to siphon votes away from the  Jim Whelan’s natural constituency?  2) Vince is in cahoots with this very same Governor to be once again, “back on the ranch” per se, once he, Republican Assemblyman, Vince Polistina, beats Democrat, (Sen) Jim Whelan, for that prized Senate seat?

Post Script, p.s.  I asked at the end of the original letter, “will it ever happen?”   That’s me being obscure about the fact that I ran in this months primary for the Assembly position vacated by Vince Polistina (who chose to run against Democrat Senator, Jim Whelan).  I was on the ballot, “off column” and lost to two real milk-toasts it appears, Alisa Cooper and Damon Tyner.

Where the hell are they hiding with all this crass cynical maneuvering by Republicans going on?  Say something already, dad-gummit.  What can I do, I got passed over!  I’m asking myself, why oh why oh why?

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