In Honor of New York: Think Equal, New Jersey

All weekend, New Jersey & Blue Jersey have been celebrating a suddenly more equal New York. And Twitter has been thumping with high-fives, congrats legislators in Albany, to Gov. Cuomo and a whole state full of happy, new CUOMOsexuals itching to get hitched. One of the messages that came back to us was from Phillip Anderson at The Albany Project with just a huge compliment to Blue Jersey:

@jay_lass I’ll also say this, the @bluejersey tv spots on #marriageEQUALITY are still the best things on the subject i’ve ever seen.

Wow, that’s so nice!
The 4 Think Equal ads Blue Jersey did – conceived, written and produced by Jack Bohrer and Juan Melli with fantastic actors, director & crew- were one of the best things Blue Jersey ever did. Four PSA’s for TV cleverly outlining the differences between civil unions and real marriage. A take-off on Apple’s PC vs. Mac ads.

There are 4 ads. Here’s the first. We’ll run the rest of them throughout today and tonight. They honor our neighbors across the Hudson. This is for you, New York, with our thanks.

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